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  1. Michigander

    Detroit update and next event.

    http://gunwatch.blogspot.com/2015/11/chief-james-craig-needs-to-protect.html?m=1 The latest victim has secured legal help from one of the very best lawyers in the state. They are keeping quiet for now and will not be involved with any protesting. If and when they make a public statement I...
  2. Michigander

    DPD has railroaded yet another black male unlicensed ocer.

    This time with a ccw charge for hgoc on his own property, creating a remarkable double impossibility of him being guilty. I don't want to go into more detail at this time while he sorts out his legal strategy, but yes, it is as asinine and outrageous as it sounds. We are doing a protest on...
  3. Michigander

    Dinner with Hells Saints and Peter Steinmetz 10/16/15 @ 6:30 pm

    Hells Saints, aka Liberty is For Everyone will be hosting a special dinner with Dr Peter Steinmetz from Arizona, widely known for having been arrested for ocing in the Sky Harbor airport. Both Dr Steinmetz and hells saints are known for long gun carrying, so please note this is not such an...
  4. Michigander

    Another call to action- Protest against DPD railroading another black open carrier.

    DETROIT POLICE/OPEN CARRY UPDATE: Another armed black man has fallen victim to Detroit Police's history of not respecting gun rights. Last year, Jeronie Stanford was walking down a sidewalk in Detroit while carrying his pistol out in the open for personal protection. In Michigan, this action is...
  5. Michigander

    Shooting at Lapeer Pit, June 1st at noon

    Shooting at Lapeer Pit CANCELLED CANCELLED. The 3 of us were invited by a member here to go to private land to shoot instead, and we have opted to do so on account of the fact the pit will be packed to capacity and beyond on a sunday this time of the year. ETA- I am not sure why this was...
  6. Michigander

    Litter clean up May 4th Roseville

    Where- National Coney Island in Roseville located just off I696 at 27027 Gratiot When- 5:00 PM Sunday, May 4th What- Dinner followed by walking north as far as we want picking up trash on the sidewalk and grass, no medians due to danger from cars. Bring- gloves and bags, and of course a...
  7. Michigander

    Romulus meet up 3-2-14 11 am

    Due to several requests, event has been postponed to further boost grand rapids attendance. Future event to be planned out by by ezerharden.
  8. Michigander

    5th Anniversary lunch in Lansing, December 2nd.

    DATE: December 2nd 2012 TIME: 1:00 PM WHERE: Zeus’ Coney Island 6525 South Pennsylvania Ave. Lansing, MI 48911 (517) 272-7900 http://www.greecianisland.com/locations#lansing As of December 2nd, it will have been 5 years to the day since the first OCDO arranged open carry meeting in Michigan...
  9. Michigander

    Draco pistol bullpup kit.

    Somehow, for some reason, this doesn't seem to qualify as a SBR. http://www.cbrps.com/Products.html In essence, it appears that this is an ATF classified pistol which can be fired from the shoulder, and stays totally legal as a pistol so long as you don't put a forward grip on it. So long...
  10. Michigander

    New thread on budlight's gripe to avoid further hijacking

    I wish in this thread, as I wished in the other threads, to resolve the matter as you described. PM's, calls, and even meeting up at a coffee shop are all fine with me, but apparently not okay with budlight. So I am going to say the following. White suburban folks choose not to go to detroit...
  11. Michigander

    Need your favorite Michigan specific open carry pictures, videos, and news bits

    Those who have been around here a while may remember over 2 years ago when evil creamsicle and I put this together. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xc8xaz_oc-in-michigan-montage_news We discussed that it's been a while now, and we need to make another video. As the title says, please post...
  12. Michigander

    Changing my mind out of respect for others here.

    In thinking it over very heavily for the past 24 hours, I have made the decision to reverse my opposition to SB59. I am doing this not because I have changed my beliefs and concerns, but rather I believe that if those here are not going to be convinced to agree with me, I may as well help...
  13. Michigander

    The NRA, $$$, SB59 and why we should stop it.

    Q, You stated you helped write SB59 and I'm not calling you a liar, but it ******* WREAKS of being the NRAs idea. What we are talking here about here is, over time, MILLIONS of dollars going directly to the NRA from royalty fees from classes alone. Just like usual for the NRA, but this time with...
  14. Michigander

    New SKS magazine system

    Got inspired to post this by the AR vs AK dead horse beat-a-thon going on in the other forum. (THIS IS NOT INTENDED TO DISCUSS LONG GUN CARRY, SO PLEASE NO ONE BRING IT UP) Despite its draw backs, I believe the SKS is in many ways a nicer gun than either the AR or AK. It's stronger than either...
  15. Michigander

    3rd Annual Chili event in Taylor 10/24

    Where- Heritage Park in Taylor When- 12:00 pm, october 24 What- The 3rd Annual Chili Fest! Bring- Chili or some other dish to pass The Expert- Fruit and Veggie tray Radioman- Pumpkin pie, if available to make it Evil Creamsicle and Michigander- Paper plates, dishes, and plastic utensils...
  16. Michigander

    So absurd I gotta post it

    imported post I found out that England and Wales have this anti knife campaign going on, even aggressively posting signs in public areas. As I understand it, it's to threaten young people with prison time for carrying knives like most here have probably made a habit of since their early teens...
  17. Michigander

    2 legal questions

    imported post I have tried searching, both here and on google. Maybe my web skills need to get better. :banghead: Anyway, first thing I am trying to sort out the laws on recording police encounters. I know there are numerous relevant cases and MCL's, but I can't remember what they are, or...
  18. Michigander

    Anyone familiar with Raine Inc's holsters?

    imported post http://www.raineinc.com/CatItems.asp?Category=Holsters They look like knock off Safariland's. I have a belt from them, and it is of exceptionally high quality for the 21 dollar price I paid. US made, rugged and built to last. I can't find reviews of these things anywhere on...
  19. Michigander

    Is being evasive RAS?

    imported post I don't remember who it was that told me this, but I remember being told that being evasive during a stop is RAS for more searches. I have also, during the course of an illegal stop by some officers, been told that I was being evasive, and that this was justification to run my...
  20. Michigander

    Community colleges vs Preemption

    imported post Some time ago, a newer member who seemed very legally savvy posted that preemption doesn't apply to community colleges, because they receive their power directly from the state, from act 331 of 1966, the Community College Act. This law can be viewed here...