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    When Did Open Carry Become Oki Doki in Washington State?

    Just as the title asks when did Open Carry (in a holster) become OK in WA state. I'd always thought it was around the mid to late 80s. Before I got here I did a search and of 20+ spots to look and not a single option listed the month and year the state legislature gave their *Permission* for...
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    Recent Meet and Greet

    imported post I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place so here goes nothin'. I went to the recent (June 5th 2010) Meet and Greet at Bobs Burgers and Brews near Burlington Wa. After reading various posts of some local members of OCOO I really had a hankering to meet f2f some of these...
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    Skagit Co sheriff vote in November??

    imported post What is this place?