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  1. FreeInAZ

    Armed Citizen stops saves Trooper

    Trooper responding to man shooting at car on I-10 is saved by good Samaritan with a gun after being shot by suspect. One woman reported dead, suspect shot dead by Samaritan, Trooper in stable condition at hospital. Radio dispatch call in story linked...
  2. FreeInAZ

    BLM closes OR office at sight of OCers?

    It appears the BLM is drawing the attention of many people in attempting to shut down a local mining operation. Oddly enough the BLM appears to be acting on behalf of Chinese company/companies, but the U.S. Miners have held the mining claim since the 1800's reportedly??? This seems very Bundy...
  3. FreeInAZ

    Tucson - protests / police + SWAT active & on the move!

    Tucson - protests / police + SWAT active & on the move! From Rusty Young Man a OCDO member on the ground in Tucson (driving through: "Hands up don't shoot" protest here in Tucson may get ugly. Police out in force; just saw an armored truck (new SWAT toy, I imagine) and an armored Humvee...
  4. FreeInAZ

    DETROIT - OC Marchers get police escort for 3 Miles! Huh???

    In a city where often, life & death 911 calls go unanswered...the DPS ties up scarce cars & officers to follow lawful OCers...
  5. FreeInAZ

    MI - OC Advocate arrested and jailed by DETROIT police.

    This is one write up from a local publication. Interesting read IMHO. http://www.metrotimes.com/Blogs/archives/2014/09/17/black-open-carry-advocate-arrested-in-detroit-rally-sunday FUQ - "Sources say that an interracial open-carry group is leading a protest this weekend to pressure...
  6. FreeInAZ

    Summer meetups - 2014

    Well now - I never say no to free food! ;) I live way the hell up in the north end of the valley at the foothills so need to factor the 45min drive to downtown into any meet up time. Send me a PM on when you plan on going. Also be advised it (The Hero Factory) is inside a building (The Lofts...
  7. FreeInAZ

    AZ COA strikes down ruling in favor of Phoenix banning Guns save lives ads!

    UPDATE - the AZ COA has ruled that the city of Phoenix did violate Mr. Korwins' free speech rights and reversed the lower courts ruling. This means that the "Guns save lives" sign can be used at bus stops and other city controlled ad spaces. ;) From footnote 9 of the courts ruling - 9 "As we...
  8. FreeInAZ

    Fire mission -help needed !

    Tomorrow at the state house Mom's demand action will be onsite demanding that some pro 2A bills be vetoed by Governor brewer. In addition they will be lobbying members of the legislature too. If at all possible please go down to the capital and show your support for freedom! They are being...
  9. FreeInAZ

    KTFL has a new pro 2A show [at odds] in their line up.

    KTFL AM 1620 Gilbert, AZ. http://redstatetalkradio.com/redstatewp/?page_id=7611 Brian & Nate are about as pro rights/freedom as they come. Check out their show and if you're on FB send them a like. Disclaimer - I know Brian personally. A great guy who brings 2A topics to you along with Nate...
  10. FreeInAZ

    GRAA Rally on Sun. 1/19/2014 starts at 11am. (State Capitol grounds)

    Here's a link to Gun Rights Across America site http://www.gunrightsacrossamerica.com/ 1700 W. Washington St. Phoenix , AZ. 85007
  11. FreeInAZ

    Thought provoking video from a smart lady on gun control.

    She gets it IMHO. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20RoAfflGCM&feature=youtu.be
  12. FreeInAZ

    Open Carry experience thread.

    Got to OC outside of the Arizona Court of appeals today. Here's the after action report: WELL - it was a packed courtroom! Now we just have to wait and see what the court of appeals will decide. If they rule in favor of Phoenix, I see this case going to the supreme court of Arizona and...
  13. FreeInAZ

    AZ COA to rule on PHX destruction of save lives" bus stop signs. Please attend! 12/3

    After action report - WELL - it was a packed courtroom! Now we just have to wait and see what the court of appeals will decide. If they rule in favor of Phoenix, I see this case going to the supreme court of Arizona and possibly the US supreme court. I got to meet Mr. Korwin and thank him for...
  14. FreeInAZ

    AZ COA to rule on PHX destruction of save lives" bus stop signs. Please attend! 12/3

    AZ COA to rule on PHX destruction of save lives" bus stop signs. Please attend! 12/3 The Arizona Court of Appeals will rule on this brazen act by Phoenix city officials that took place two years ago. The city accepted payment for the ads, then once posted tore them down! If this is allowed to...
  15. FreeInAZ

    Links to AZ gun law info.

    http://www.azleg.gov/ArizonaRevisedStatutes.asp?Title=13 See section 31 for weapons violations. Article that covers AZ Constitutional Carry by Mr. Alan Korwin, a noted author on the subject of Arizona gun laws. http://www.gunlaws.com/ConstitutionalCarryEnacted.htm SB-1108 passed in 2010...
  16. FreeInAZ

    Teens = Bored? No worries just play the knock-out game...

    This was clearly a planned attack on a man minding his own business. I wonder would these punks have done this if they thought the man could have defended himself? Some of today's youth need a good old fashioned trip to the "woodshed". This puke of a young man will get a slap on the wrist, for...
  17. FreeInAZ

    One of DPD's dumbest moves ever!!!

    FUQ - LeDuff: Detroit police's simulated purse snatching goes awry Posted: Jun 06, 2013 7:37 PM Updated: Jun 06, 2013 8:39 PM By Charlie LeDuff, Fox 2 News DETROIT (WJBK) - An FBI agent almost shot a Detroit cop on Wednesday at a gas station while filling up. It wasn't the agent or the cop's...
  18. FreeInAZ

    Thoughts on Ruger LCP

    + 1 Trillion! Ammo will be his biggest issue. Some (lots) of semi's are ammo picky on what you can feed them. With JHP defense ammo the problem is amplified. I have many pistols and all function flawlessly with the "right" ammo. Speaking of Hi-Points here's an example of defense ammo and feeding...
  19. FreeInAZ

    Police messed up... this guy is getting paid!

    Well let's hope he invests some of his settlement he (may) get in situational awareness & firearm retention classes. :banghead: This picture does not flatter any of us as responsible pistol carriers.
  20. FreeInAZ

    Cobra CA380 VS Hi-Point 380

    To all the Hi-Point doubters out there... From a recent range trip with a Hi-Point 45 Story - I shot first six shots to make smiley @ 21ft (7yrds), then tried for the eye's of actual smiley target & missed once (cute girl watching...I choked). :) Then moved target back to 50ft and inserted a...