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    Colorado CHP Reports

    The annual statutory reports of CHP applications and renewals are now posted on-line at this web site: http://www.leg.state.co.us/library/reports.nsf/ReportsDoc.xsp?documentId=D6727350F8E058DB87256E6600773612 Pick your favorite county and track how many applications were received and how many...
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    Target Addresses Firearms

    How Times Have Changed at Target Many years ago, I bought this at the Colorado Springs Target store for my wife to carry... I guess I can't take it back :)
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    Huff Post - Black Men Openly Carrying Guns in Holsters Will End Racial Profiling

    Black Panthers Didn't the black community already try openly carrying guns -- and just got shot and branded as scary domestic terrorists that the police needed to arm themselves against and states responded to with legislative proposals to ban open carry? Maybe I'm the only guy old enough to...
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    Survelllance of Gun Show Attendees

    In case you did not see this article in last week's Wall Street Journal http://www.wsj.com/articles/federal-agency-weighed-spying-on-cars-at-gun-shows-1422398739 and the NRA's reaction to it...
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    CO Sheriffs who use discretionary authority to deny/revoke concealed carry permits

    Another reason for open carry ... your local sheriff in Colorado may use his/her discretionary authority to deny or revoke concealed carry permits and there is a growing trend that Sheriffs are exercising that authority. That means that even if you have not been charged or convicted of a crime...