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  1. M

    Need advice.

    HI, Its mordis, checking in after a long while. Im scared to post this, becuase of what happend but i need answeres. Nearly 2 years ago i was on my way to a bankruptcy hearing at the federal building and it was a bad day. I was having a major blowout fight with the wife and did something i reget...
  2. M

    Local 2a supporter fired from radio.

    imported post Anyone familiar with NE indiana has heard WOWO 1190am's Pat White. He was there conservative afternoon radio dj and was very pro 2a and pro concealed carry. Does anyone here have any information as to what the heck is going on over at wowo. All there saying is that the station is...
  3. M

    S&W m15-3 holster choices, and for my 5" .45

    imported post Well, as is headerd by my title, i have a a 4" .38 m15-3 that is my other primary carry pistol. The open bottomed blackwidow is just starting to get annoying after only 4 years of carrying in it. I dislike the barrel not being covered, since it helps protect the finish if i...
  4. M

    Advice - I am in the mood for a ak/akm

    imported post Hi, im in the mood to purchase my first"semi-automatic magazine fed military style" rifle. I am in the mood for a ak/akm seeing as there drop dead reliable and i just dont know if i can trust the direct gas impingment system of the AR just yet. I know the ak47 is one of the more...
  5. M

    red river steakhouse oc experiance

    imported post Well, i didnt intend to oc, but it was my wifes birthday and i was all dressed up and when we got seated, i didnt want to get my jacket dirty. I was a little nervous, seeing as i havnt oc'd since the meet up at cabelas. The steakhouse wasnt that busy and for over an hour no one...
  6. M

    longrange varmit

    imported post We need a rifle forum lol. SO what does everyone here use for long range varmit hunting. The reason i ask is im looking for suggestion on barrel length and caliber. Im going to be putting to gether a nice varmit gun and would like to beable and reach out and kill them if i so...
  7. M

    Of guns and Unicorns

    imported post Lately i have seen a number of threads about people in Indiana open carrying and having problems. Now open carrying is a good thing, tho i have only done it once and am still not to comfortable with the idea of pissing off Fort Waynes finest. The gist of what im gathering from...
  8. M

    Dual carry

    imported post Well i asked this along time ago on TFL, and didnt get a discussion going, so ill ask here. Anyone carry 2 full sized or medium sized pistols on there belt? Im not talking about a small bug in a ankle holster, im talking 2 full/medium sized guns on there belt. I did one time...
  9. M

    Gun lights and holsters.

    imported post HI, i have a interesting question. Does anyone here, have a weapon light permantly affixed to there carry gun, and carry it in one of the few holsters designed for weapons with stuff on the accsessory rail? Since i do some light armed security work, mostly at night, such a combo...
  10. M

    Any thoughts on the Indiana Militia corps

    imported post Hi, Does anyone have any thoughts be them good or bad in regards to the indiana militia corps? I have been thinking about joining them, or atleast attending one of there meetings to see if it want to. My reason for this, is i feel that, sooner or later there will be some massive...
  11. M

    Anyone doin it cowboy style?

    imported post Hi, For kicks and giggles i have been contimplating putting together a old west carry rig. I was thinking of a strong side SAA(will be a transfer bar clone) with a small 1849 wells fargo conversion in somesort of weakside iwb/pocket. While i know that there are better actions...
  12. M

    Need some people to post on TFL

    imported post HI, there is a post on the firingline.com/forums in the general handgun forum about carrying guns and the topic degenerated into a oc vs cc debate. Im mordis on that forum Please come and support the right to oc. the Post is called "have you ever been told not to carry?"
  13. M

    New member, oc'd for first time

    imported post Hi, im mordis, im from Fort Wayne IN, and I am 26years old. I have my LTCH and have had it since i turned 21. Now im going to preface this, i normaly carry concealed, as i didnt know Indiana had no problem legaly with open carry, but im a big guy(semi truck spare tire, lol i know...