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  1. thebastidge

    Veterans Appreciation Ball and Charity Fundraiser Dinner Feb 2015 (Vancouver WA)

  2. thebastidge

    Veterans Appreciation Ball and Charity Fundraiser Dinner Feb 2015 (Vancouver WA)

    I want to make you all aware of our plans for the upcoming Veterans Appreciation Charity Dinner on Feb 7th. This even is sponsored by my business; SW Washington Surplus, Shanahan's Pub & Grill, and The American Legion Smith-Reynolds Post #14. We really need to get the word out early and keep...
  3. thebastidge

    Vancouver Rifle & PistolC lub needs donation

    Vancouver Rifle & Pistol Club needs donation Vancouver Rifle & Pistol is a 12 lane indoor shooting range in Vancouver. Currently, they only allow lead ammo (no jacketed rounds, partial or full) but recognizing the necessity to upgrade for modern handguns, there's a project under way to upgrade...
  4. thebastidge

    Aug 23: Washington State Guard Commanders brief: New unit stand-up in Clark County

    . https://www.facebook.com/events/323804641118933/ Join us at Southwest Washington Surplus to discuss standing up a new company-level unit of all-volunteer militia authorized by the Washington State Legislature and Title 32 of the USC.
  5. thebastidge

    Aug 1: NRA-ILA and Libertarian Party of Clark Co on I591/I594

    . https://www.facebook.com/events/303857113115334/ I-594 makes criminals out of ordinary citizens, creates a gun registry fit for confiscation and is simply bad law. Come join us for a talk on what we can do about it. Pied Piper Pizza on 4th Plain in Vancouver August 1 7 pm
  6. thebastidge

    OC Picnic 17 June

    http://forum.opencarry.org/forums/showthread.php?122203-June-17-2014-OC-Picnic-Lunch-at-Esther-Short-Park-Vancouver Yes, I know: it's across the river in Vancouver, but consider it a Portland Metro Area event :)
  7. thebastidge

    June 17 2014 OC Picnic Lunch at Esther Short Park Vancouver

    We're putting together an OC picnic at Esther Short Park in Vancouver for June 17th, 11am - 1 pm. We've been told that the Brady Bunch is trying to organize a "Million Mom March" (good luck with that) and they could use a polite, well-reasoned and civil reminder that we outnumber them and have...
  8. thebastidge

    Oathkeepers of Clark Co WA 2nd Tuesday (cross-pollination)

    Oath Keepers of Clark County meet at 6pm on the second Tuesday of each month at Southwest Washington Surplus in Vancouver. SWW Surplus is an open-carry friendly business. Oath Keepers work to remind active LE and military of their oath to the Constitution and limits on authority, primarily by...
  9. thebastidge

    We're offering training just across the river in Vancouver

  10. thebastidge

    We're offering classes...

  11. thebastidge

    Firearm-friendly business

    I was looking for an old thread where I recalled discussing some firearm-friendly businesses, because I didn't want to be a complete self-promoting douche. But since I couldn't find it, here goes: My family and I have opened a military surplus store in Vancouver. I will not spam the forum...
  12. thebastidge

    Any Oregon permit holders here?

    imported post http://opencarry.mywowbb.com/forum45/18244.html If you hold a concealed permit across the Columbia, this may be of interest to you.
  13. thebastidge

    Training facilities

    imported post First, if you care to respond, please keep it to verifiable facts, with citations if possible. So- Does anyone have good information on what kind of standards must be met in Washington State to open a firearms facility such as a firing range? I'm looking for environmental and...
  14. thebastidge

    "Is that a real gun?"

    imported post Dropped some crap off at Good Will a couple days ago. Was out and about for most of the day running errands, and wearing comfortable clothes, so was OC. Some guy walking down the sidewalk as we unloaded old furniture at Good Will stops, with the dumbest look ever on his face and...
  15. thebastidge

    Importing a weapon

    imported post I'm going to do some research, but just wondering if anyone has experience purchasing a weapon overseas and legally bringing it home to the US? Specifically looking into procedures and applicable fees, licenses, and restrictions? Note: I know that it is not legal to bring home...