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  1. pkbites

    Glock 48

    Put a Glock 48 two-tone into my personal collection. Comes with two 10 round single stack magazines but Shield Arms makes a 15 round mag that fits flush. The pistol is a total blast to shoot and the Shield magazines functioned flawlessly. The narrow grip makes the pistol easy to control, even...
  2. pkbites

    CCW in a store that sells just beer for off site consumption. Legal?

    I was under the impression that in New Mexico a CCW permit holder could enter a business that sold beer for off site consumption but only conceal carry, no OC. But I saw signs posted at several gas stations across the state last week saying it was a felony to carry in any form. The signs were...
  3. pkbites

    Brighton Dale Park firearms signs

    At Brighton Park in Kansasville (Kenosha County) all the entrances are posted "No firearms except licensed concealed carry". This seems to insinuate that open carry would be illegal. Cure my ignorance please. What law allows them to prohibit open carry on public grounds (not inside a building)?
  4. pkbites

    Milwaukee Uber driver fired for CCW

    I've been over seas for a few weeks so forgive me if I'm Johnny come lately regarding THIS story. It seems that Wisconsin state statute 175.60(15m) is pretty clear on the employers rights: (15m) Employer restrictions. (a) Except as provided in par. (b), an employer may prohibit a licensee or...
  5. pkbites

    Single action vs double action colt revolver

    I bought a bundle of old comic books at a second hand store for $10. One of them was an issue of Gunsmoke (#844, 1959). Surprisingly there was only 1 advertisement in the entire issue (on the back cover for Juicy Fruit gum). But on the inside cover there was a pictorial about “Western Pistols”...
  6. pkbites

    Smith & Wesson SD9VE. WTF?

    Anyone else have experience with this pistol? Came across S&W SD9VE from one of my distributors. The Wholesale price was only a bit more than free. I decided to try one out before I put them for sale in my dealership. Don't want the fiasco I went through with all the Kel-Tec returns some years...
  7. pkbites

    Why does Franken have an A rating from GOA?

    Gun Owners of America has higher standards and is stricter than the NRA when rating our elected leaders. Yet they gave Al Franken an A rating. WTF? :confused: Franken has endorsed several anti RTKABA laws, including bans on "high" capacity magazines. Is that grade a typo?
  8. pkbites

    Olympic Arms folds.

    Been meaning to post this for a bit. I'm an FFL dealer and a couple of weeks ago I received a letter from Olympic: After more than 40 years of business, it is with great sorrow that we announce that February 28th, 2017 will be the last day of operation for Olympic Arms, Inc. Absolutely no...
  9. pkbites

    St. louis Alderwoman pushed assault weapons ban. Wait. What?

    St. Louis alderman Lyda Krewson (D-28th Ward) is pushing a ban that will require law-abiding citizens to get rid of their “assault weapons” over a 60-day period or face fines and jail time.. Educate me, please. Wouldn't a St. Louis ordinance on this violate Missouri's pre-emption law? And if...
  10. pkbites

    What is the average time to receive a CCL renewal?

    Yesterday (Monday 10/24/16) morning about 9am my son used our computer to go online and renew his CCL. Today at 1pm he called and said "guess what I just got in the mail!" Is that generally the turn around for renewals, 1 day? I thought they had to re-do backgrounds and such. He originally got...
  11. pkbites

    What kind of handgun is this?

    This shouldn't be too hard. I'm actually surprised I can't figure it out myself. THIS link includes a picture of a pistol. It appears to have a double action type trigger and possibly an ambidextrous manual safety. At first I thought it was a Para in LDA but none of them that I've seen had a...
  12. pkbites

    Beale Street, Memphis. Would like info from anyone who lives around there.

    We're going to Memphis on Friday and going to meet my cousin and his wife there who are going down from Milwaukee (we've been in Sarasota the last 2 weeks). Haven't been to Memphis since '06. What's going on on Beale Street? The web says it's blocked off with metal detectors and such. WTF? Is...
  13. pkbites

    Boston 4th of July weekend, no posted businesses. Tell me what's up with that.

    Wife and I just got back late last night from spending 4 days in Boston. We stayed in the Back Bay area. I carried but concealed. One thing I looked for were businesses that were posted so I could make sure they didn't get any of my money. To my surprise I didn't find a one. I saw some kind of...
  14. pkbites

    New Orleans Gun Control Measures.

    Do any of these proposals violate Louisianas premption law?
  15. pkbites

    What's the truth about this "full auto" rifle?

    THIS rifle, made in Florida, has 3 settings: "Peace" (safety on), "War" (safety off, semi-auto), and "God Wils It" (full auto). I call Barbra Streisand on the full auto claim. No manufacturer or dealer would last 3 seconds selling post-1986 machine guns to civilians. And especially @ that...
  16. pkbites

    Lack of 2nd strike capability

    It is my contention that in a heated fire fight even a well trained/practiced shooter may not immediately realize it if they pulled the trigger and their weapon failed to fire. What with adrenaline, fear, moving for cover, ears ringing, etc., it's understandable. So why do so many modern...
  17. pkbites

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel does us a favor by printing the crazy rant of an anti

    Read the letter submitted by Richard W. Hennecke. Bet you can pick out 10 things in it that are ridiculously incorrect not to mention the way he presents them as the drunken ramblings of a goofy old man (he's almost 80 and lives in Waukesha). Every now and then they publish such absurd...
  18. pkbites

    What is this nonsense? (Bernie Sanders)

    Since he's announced his candidacy for POTUS, I've seen a couple of news article touting him as a pro-gun rights guy. :eek: Say what? He rates no better than an F from both the NRA and Gun Owners of America. Can everyone see what the liberal media is doing? They realize that the country...
  19. pkbites

    Friend yelled at by manager at West Allis Speedway

    I absolutely hate to report this hearsay, but I can't convince my buddy to come on here and tell it himself. I'll post this exactly as he told it to me: Today my friend and I were going to hang out so he was on his way over. At about 1:00PM he stopped at the Speedway at 10306 W. Greenfield...
  20. pkbites

    Blank ammunition for a *REAL* gun.

    For training purposes I'd like to use some blank ammunition. But I've found that all of the blank ammo out seems to be just for "guns" that only shoot blanks, i.e. it's not the right size for a real gun. I don't want to have to buy a blank firing gun but would rather just use the real firearms...