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  1. anmut

    Carry at the YMCA?

    Dropped by boy off their today, didn't see any signs on the doors. I know there's a day care within the building during the work week - is that covered under school zones? I stared pretty hard at the doors inside and out and didn't see any signs. Surprising, really.
  2. anmut


    Apparently she's from Milwaukee - anyone ever run into her? OC supporter or just another Youtube talking head?
  3. anmut

    MN Gun Laws - Also any Utah Permit Classes Soon?

    I'm going to a family thing in the Twin Cities in November. It looks like I'll have to unload and store my handgun when I cross the state line. I'll be still bringing it with me - any "gotchya" laws I have to worry about when I get to the hotel though? Also, thinking about this pisses me off...
  4. anmut

    Conversation with Handgun Hotline lady today

    While waiting for the WI handgun background check "hotline" woman to give me some info on a purchase for some customers, we were bs'ing about the CC applications. They process the CCL's at the same dept as the HH and she told me that they can't believe how many people were still sending in...
  5. anmut

    Wife finally got her CCL...

    Number 1999XX We are just days from pulling 200,000 CCL holders in WI. Does anyone know what percentage of the legal/law abiding population is?
  6. anmut

    "Open Carry" the new ewww word in the gun community.

    Obama's divide and conquer is working - and it wasn't even his idea! I see more people every day in different forums and blogs jumping on the "oc'er are trouble makers and not part of the 2nd Amend. movement." The way I see it - OC is in real danger of being made illegal in areas where the...
  7. anmut

    Starbucks To Post At Their Stores

    Well my days of Starbucks was over after their Newtown hissyfit. Looks like my premonition was correct - the liberal, over-priced coffee shop has sent official notice to ban firearms. Well, at least the legally carried firearms. Criminals, murders and robbers are, as always, exempt...
  8. anmut

    "New Law" to allow WI to buy long guns over state lines??

    http://www.greenbaypressgazette.com/viewart/20130916/GPG0101/309160207/GOP-Let-Wisconsin-residents-buy-out-state-guns Basically they are saying that this new law would drop the restriction on long guns being sold over state lines to WI residents. But... if I want to buy a gun, hand gun or long...
  9. anmut

    CCL Backlog?

    Coworker sent his in about three weeks ago. He said he called and they said there was a 30 day backlog. Whoa! My cousin got his earlier this summer and it was a speedy 4 business days, as was mine over a year ago! Anyone else know why the slowdown? Are there really that many people applying...
  10. anmut

    The time to attack local WI MAIG members is now...

    Below is the list of all the local mayors who attach themselves to Bloomberg's Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Take a moment and see if you're city mayor belongs to this gun grabbing foundation and send them an email or make a phone call. Remind them of the successful recalls in CO against their...
  11. anmut

    Is it time to fine a new coffee place? Starbucks caves...

    It looks like the Newtown CT Starbucks closed early so a meetup there of OC folks wasn't able to happen. While I support their right to make that decision, I'll be vocalizing my right to spend future money on coffee at a different location...
  12. anmut

    Central Wisconsin Peeps

    Anyone anyone? I know we used to have phred and a couple others - anyone still on this board?
  13. anmut

    Interesting Map...

    Found this today: http://www.cato.org/raidmap?type=1# It's a map of paramilitary police raids that were botched. The ones in Wisconsin - I don't remember hearing about any of them. These police departments must have had some good PR people.
  14. anmut

    Acmebullet.com out of Germantown WI - Awesome service!

    First - I don't work for them - but I had to give this company a shout-out after an experience I had with them buying .223 brass. The story: Bought 500 once-fired .223 cases from them on gunbroker.com. Before I hit the Buy Now button I emailed them and asked if the brass is crimped and they...
  15. anmut

    Racine County Sheriff Deserves an ATTA BOY

    http://journaltimes.com/news/local/q-a-sheriff-schmaling-weighs-in-on-the-gun-debate/article_5fb6b326-99b0-11e2-9950-0019bb2963f4.html What is your opinion about universal background checks, where checks would occur for private individuals selling guns and guns sold at gun shows? I am opposed...
  16. anmut

    WCI Membership Renewed!

    Check is in the mail, as they would say. Post your renew!
  17. anmut

    Train Like You Fight - But Where & With Who?

    While I was buying preference points for bear hunting for my son & I at Fleet Farm I noticed that they had some info on CC courses at the register. I wrote down the web address, www.equip2conceal.com, and when I got home I checked it out. I was interested in what they called a "Level 2" course...
  18. anmut

    Stevens Point / Wausau Meetup?

    Anyone in the area interested? I'm in Point - coffee this Saturday maybe?
  19. anmut

    Gov. Walker Responds To Firearms Freedom Act

    It's a shame that Gov. Walker would not be open for enacting a Firearms Freedom Act in WI anyway, even if it might be struck down by a court. It would be another way to tell D.C. that Wisconsin does not approve. "Dear Concerned Citizen: Thank you for contacting me regarding enactment of a...
  20. anmut

    Anti Chief Flynn to testify before Anti Gun Panel

    Of course, it's all under the guise of "having a conversation." http://www.cbs58.com/news/local-news/Chief-Flynn-to-Tesitfy-on-Gun-Control-193183271.html ""Right now any significant legislation going forward is largely symbolic," Flynn said, " Now it symbolizes the country's willingness to...