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    Arizona State Fair

    Can I O.C. at the Arizona State fair?, I ask this quiestion because I used to O.C. at the Idaho state Fair in Boise.

    Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad , Feliz Natal.

    I was wandering if is ok to to Open Carry or conceal carry at a christian church, I go to church every sunday and sometimes on wednesday, and I leave my gun, in the car, I live in Glendale, Az. and I see lots of O.Cers. and I was wandering if these people go to church, do they leave their guns...


    Hello I am new in Arizona, I moved from Boise Idaho, and over there we have an O.C. dinner every month of the year, and I was wondering if there is anything like this in Phoenix or in any city around Phoenix? I live in Glendale, If any of you anything about it, will you please let me know? since...

    I need help!

    Happy new year everybody, I am going to sell a hand gun to a friend,and I don't know how to do it,what do I ned to do, when I lived in Washington state I sold a gun to a friend and I was require to write a note,noting the name of buyer and time and day and sign by both of us, but here in Idaho I...


    Do not forget the dinner date at Ed's restaurant, at 7 pm, I hope to see you there and have a wonderful time getting accuainted to every body , Ed. can give us the address , for the guys that don't know the place.


    Hello my O.C. friends, I was wondering if we can have an O.C. Valentine`s dinner durring our next meeting, I need to clear it with "carracer" first, and if he reads this note, please let me know, If is ok, it will be nice if everybody bring their spouses or girl friends or boy friends, Brian is...

    Loa Angeles, California.

    Well my O.Carryers friends, I am in L.A. and I feel "naked" , I have been O.C. my 44 magnum for so long that beeing withuot it feels wierd, can not wait to comback to Boise, I have not seen anyboby "uoc" in this place either, only security people, and wander if they have a loaded gun , well...

    Christmas dinner of 2010

    Thanks to all that came to our dinner, it was goog, lots of food, and friendship, we met new people, it was a very pleasant night, I posted some pictures of the dinner on Facebook, becouse I do not know how to do it here in O.C. d.O. find my name David Diaz on F.B. and you will find the...

    Last meeting of the year 20010

    Hi !! there , to all O.Ciers of the treasure valley, tomorrow night is the last meeting of this year, at Sunrise Cafe in Downton Meridian, at 7 pm. Please everybody try to be there, and said " ADIOS" to a good year. By the way, our Christmas pot luck is at Ed, s place It is going to be this...
  10. ISRAEL

    Remember, december 11th.

    We are having a Christmas pot luck dinner on the 11 of December, John will tell us the address of the place. bring dinner and pies if possible, we are going to have a good time together cellebrating the birth of Jesus. Everybody O.C. or not are invited!!!!!, if you have some...
  11. ISRAEL

    D m v

    I want to be shure if is ok. to O.C. when I go to renew my licence plate tabs at the new DMV on Benjamin street? I did concealed last year, but I want to O.C. this year if is ok.
  12. ISRAEL

    Good morning - Picnic 10/24

    Please do not forget the 2nd O.C. pic nic this coming sunday the 24 of Oct. fron 2 pm to 6 pm. at the Municipal Park in Boise, It is going to be a pot luck, and somebody, is bringing a grill for the macho men that want to grill meat, and please tell me if you are coming and bringing children, I...
  13. ISRAEL

    Hi folks

    Do not forget the O.C. meeting tomorrow night at 7 pm at the Sunrise Cafe, Bryan an I are going to tell you about a second pic nic in Boise, and we need to know if you like the idea and the park, please be there.
  14. ISRAEL

    A good news

    Last week ,as I always do , had a date with my beloved wife, and decided to go to a mexican restaurant, and a waitress came and said very soft. what kind of gun is that ? I forgot I was O.Cing. I told her about it and she said that in México she was a good shooter, whith her dad guns, but she...
  15. ISRAEL

    To Birddog

    Hi Señor Birddiog, I guess I used the wrong place to let you know that my wife and I are going to pass through G.V. next saturday 24 about 4 or 5 pm, we are going to Lowman by Idaho City and Coming back By Garden Valley, if you are going to be there let me know, we want to meet you, Your O.C...
  16. ISRAEL

    July meeting

    As you may know , I am going deaft, and at the meeting it is hard to understand what is said, and Yolanda try to explain it, I was wondering if somebody can write about the meeting, what went on, that way people who could not make it knows what happened there. Yolanda was telling me that...
  17. ISRAEL

    Traveling trough Oregon

    I live in Boise, and this friday we are traveling to Yakima and Seattle, and will travel trough Oregon freeway and pass some towns, and I do not remember if is OK to pack my gun in my hip fully loaded, or I need to store it inside de car, can somebody remaind me again?, I always drive at the...
  18. ISRAEL

    Idaho City

    My wife and I went to Idaho City last weekend,and I O.C. all over the town, and chat with a policeman and we had a great time overthere, I think I gained few more punds eating at Trudy's and ice cream at Sarsaparrilla, Ah! the good life, but then I thought wat is the diference of people from...
  19. ISRAEL


    I want to give thanks with a very greatfull heart, to the persons that sended to me the emblems of the groups, I know there are at least 2 persons againt having emblems, but I think they are great and makes you feel that you belong to it, I had the emblems of the O.C. from...
  20. ISRAEL

    To all Boise Cowboys

    imported post This coming weekend Idaho City is hosting the first Pionners Day, and they are asking people to whear western outfits, specially the vendors, I was invited but this isbad time for me, I am into FIFA world cup and it will end till next July 11. If you want to be a cowboy for a day...