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    Norfolk’s police chief blasted “irresponsible” gun owners. His top violent crimes detective was one.

    I think this story is worth a read particularly being that safe storage bills will be coming up in the GA. https://www.pilotonline.com
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    VA-ALERT: VCDL is organizing NOW to fight back - we need YOU to do your part!

    Governor Northam wants war Northam has declared war on Virginia's gun owners: CHP holders, open carriers, hunters, target shooters, sport shooters, collectors, and competitors. All of us. (Northam wants to strip us of our right to self-defense and is even looking at confiscating guns.) So...
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    Checking in

    Recent events have obviously got my attention as with everyone else in our community. Thought I would step in and see who is still around from the old days.
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    Fifth Annual NOVA OCDO Picnic! July 16th @ 4PM

    The votes are in. We will converge on Burke Lake Park Saturday July 16th at 4PM until whenever. I will try to get our usual spot but as it is first come first serve we may have to play it by ear. We traditional do this potluck so pick something to bring and keep an eye on how many folks are...
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    Fifth Annual NOVA Burke Lake Picnic

    Time to break potato salad, bug spray, and helicopter lure. Vote to pick a date and when thats settled there will be another thread for who brings what.
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    Shenandoah NP OCDO picnic?

    Just seeing about interest for a picnic up on skyline drive say around june 11th @ Elk Wallow picnic area?
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    HB2386 New P4P: Concealed Weapons Permit

    http://leg1.state.va.us/cgi-bin/legp504.exe?111+ful+HB2386 In a nutshell converts CHPs to CWPs, not perfect but I think puts us closer to decriminalization of weapons carry. "A permit issued pursuant to this section shall entitle the permittee to carry concealed any weapon that he may lawfully...
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    Open Carry LEO non incident on Skyline Drive

    Me and another forum member were OCing and standing in the Dickey Ridge Picnic area parking lot this afternoon when a park ranger drove up to chat with our group for a minute, showed no concern or made any mention about the arms. He was friendly and polite and on his way in a minute. Really...
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    Help wanted at Guns and Ammo Warehouse in Manassas

    http://guns-ammo.us/ If you have exceptional gun knowledge, are a people person, and have retail experience we are looking for you. Not required but if you have a sellers number that is a plus. See website for address, please apply in person.
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    Kagan Drafted Clinton Era Assault Weapon Import Ban Worked on Deals for Gun Locks Too.

    imported post Gee the anti-gun stuff just keeps on coming. http://articles.latimes.com/2010/may/11/nation/la-na-kagan-profile-20100511/2 "According to records at the William J. Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Ark., she also drafted an executive order restricting the importation...
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    Kagan Was ‘Not Sympathetic’ as Law Clerk to Gun-Rights Argument

    imported post I think this woman will be bad for the RKBA. In her heart I don't think she supports the right and seems to like the tactic of denying hearings to prevent cases from being heard if she thinks the decision might not go they way she likes...
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    5.11 Days at Guns and Ammo Warehouse 5/8-5/9

    imported post Spamming the forum again but Guns and Ammo Warehouse is having our anniversary/ 5.11 days sale this weekend. 20% of 5.11 items and just about everything else is for sale too. Oh and if you ever wanted to see a Bushmaster ACR and FN SCAR side by side we have one of each in stock.
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    VCDL Meeting 4/21/2010

    imported post NOVA you are letting me down usually you are on the ball about posting the meeting threads.;) So I will be at the meeting and then the new double secret probation location for dinner later.:monkey
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    Skyline Drive Carry

    imported post Since it was such a nice evening me and the fiancee went up the drive tonight. I got to carry last year during the short window of opportunity but this was my first real visit under the new rule. Gotta say it did feel good to get out and walk around and not have to disarm. Info...
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    Gun Control After McDonald. Cato@Liberty

    imported post Will we get a framework for gun control out of McDonald, what would that look like?
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    Well I'll never buy field and stream ever again. DUCT TAPE ALERT

    imported post Petzal has taken the crown from Zumbo in my book. Summation: Don't OC it will legislatively be taken away from us. Don't OC you could be shot by the police, talk about police bashing! Seriously boycott field and stream now...
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    Guns and Ammo Warehouse Deals

    imported post Since the used revolver deal went over so well I thought I'd ask the forum if they wanted me to continue to advertise them here. No one complained but I don't want to offend anyone so I'll go with the majority of the poll. In the meantime we still have plenty of S&W 10s for $225...
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    Great deals on used revolvers at Guns and Ammo Warehouse

    imported post Sorry to advertise on the forum but l really want to share with my friends here an outstanding deal on a whole bunch of revolvers we just got in yesterday. In a nutshell we picked up a large number of pre-lock S&W 65, and a few 19s. Later model 10s and 64s, a few old Ruger Speed...
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    Geo18.2-287.4 & Longarms in vehicles

    imported post I made this map to show where one can have a loaded longgun in their vehicle. ETA: To give credit where it is due I borrowed the Geospatial enforcement map from Virginia1774.org, and just added the red for localities banning loaded longarms in vehicles and yellow for those that...
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    Can I have an asbestos jumpsuit to protect myself from wrist mounted flamethrowers?

    imported post Cool when you consider they are virtually unregulated weapons in most states and one can make it with some simple components. http://technology.todaysbigthing.com/betamax/betamax.swf?item_id=2149&fullscreen=1