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    Manchin Protest

    On November the 2nd this Saturday. Joe Manchin, Joe Boden, and Jay Rockafeller will be in Charleston WV. The protest will start at 5pm. ALL 2ndA advocates in WV should try and attend. You can find the details on WVCDL.ORG. you can also find the information on WVCDL.ORG Facebook page.
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    Utility Companies with signage.

    I stopped by my local Public Service Water Company today. They have new signage on the door. It has been put up in the last month. Question, does signage on a public utility company have force of law? This company is county owned and ran.
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    Quick question.

    Is it legal to Conceal Carry on your property WITHOUT a CWP. I thought i knew just about all I needed to know before OC,ing. But the question was brought up, and im just not sure of the correct answer.
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    LE gun buy back programs

    What is your thoughts about LE having a gun buy back program so that people can bring in un-wanted guns, and help get them off the streets. NOTE: my last staement was with tounge in cheek. I feel the only ones who are selling guns to LE our people who have stolen a gun from Good Ole' grandma or...
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    OCDO cards

    I have read where some people have educational cards to give out to people who have questions regarding OC. Can I buy them here online? is there alink where I can print them for myself?Also the cards that you can use when stoped by a LEO that have case laws ect. I saw the one on WV gun laws that...
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    A letter to Walmart

    My son and I were at the Walmart in Ripley WV today, he was CC and I was not carrying. My son overheard a manager speaking on his radio as he walked by him saying, we have a gentleman who is CC at the bank ATM, that was my son. He showed the handle of his defence weapon as he pulled out his...
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    Turkey season opened today

    Turkey season came in today, so if your going to go hiking or any other activity in the woods other than hunting turkeys and you are open carrying, and you get stoped by a Natural Resource Police Officer you better have a hunting liscens and a class A-1 pistol permit or you can/will be cited...
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    Looks like I have to get a CCW

    posted 04-16-2012 07:12 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- if your sidearm is not configured for hunting,i.e barrel under 4in in length, you dont have a CCW, can you keep it in plain view while in your car, the WV State Police site says...
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    Anyone interested in a meet in greet

    Is there any planed meet in greets happening soon in the Charleston WV or Parkersburg WV area, I live right in the middle at Ripley. Im very new to OC and would love a meet and greet with some experienced Open Carrier's
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    What is considered concealed

    Open carry in WV is visable from 3 sides, soif you are CC can the gun be seen at all or would it be anything that is visable under that, say from front only, or side?? Im kinda new and trying to learn all I can.
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    a helpful site in WEST VIRIGINIA

    There is a great site called "ask the wildlife police" here in WV, it is a great place to have questions answered on oc or cc here, as our conversation officers, now known as wildlife police, interpet the laws to the letter. It may be legal to lay a holstered weapon on your dash, but the...