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  1. Dirk platinum

    Worked in Texas why not SC

    I don’t understand why a state would have legal concealed but not open. We’ve had legal open carry in my state since 1986 .
  2. Dirk platinum

    "You'll be the first one shot!" You're welcome.

    Yes because undercover cops OC LOL. as an aside I work for a state (non leo) agency that has very “official “ looking uniforms and radios . I never open carry in uniform . Because I sure as hell don’t want people thinking I’m LEO .
  3. Dirk platinum

    Church Usher

    Church is It not prohibited by law . I am one of many people who carry at my church .
  4. Dirk platinum

    Retention Holster. What level do you guys use?

    I currently use a SERPA level 2. I don’t like anything less and anything more seems impractical for living a normal lifestyle .
  5. Dirk platinum

    TN Open Carry Report

    It’s (open carry)very popuLar in the part of tennesee I live in. I don’t think people Here even know IWB holsters exist 😂
  6. Dirk platinum

    Tpac Nashville

    Anyone know about tpac ? Going to a Christmas concert there tonight with my church . I'd rather not disarm . Anyone know if weapons banned like Bridgestone arena and municipal ?
  7. Dirk platinum

    "You'll be the first one shot!" You're welcome.

    The best i ever got "well people will mistake you for a cop !" sure they will. I sure look like leo ..