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  1. Boomboy007

    Open Carry Campout, Wenatchee 2021 (May 20-23)

    Hey, Patriots! We are gathering once again for our annual (more or less) campout in Wenatchee. We have folks arriving Thursday, May 20, and we'll be departing Sunday, May 23. Come for some or all of the days, and meet up with like minded citizens. There should be more room this year, as our poor...
  2. Boomboy007

    "March For Our Rights" Pro Gun Rally in Olympia June 27, 2020 (12:00-4:00)

    Wuhan Flu and anti-freedom gun grabbers won't stop us! We gather once again to show our solidarity, and lead the fight against those who would reduce our liberties and endanger our communities. They told us that only the police should have guns, and we would be protected; now we see their real...
  3. Boomboy007

    Airport carry/possession.

    I was watching a television show tonight, and the subject walked into the Knoxville airport. It was posted per legal regulation. However, I question the legality of that signage in the publicly accessible area of the airport. I am from Crockett County, now living north of Seattle, WA. I have...
  4. Boomboy007

    Whatcom County Open Carry Luncheon February 8, 2020 12:00pm (Noon)

    We once again gather to break bread with like minded, pro rights patriots. We will meet at Bellewood Acres, 6140 Guide Meridian, WA-539, Lynden, WA 98264. We will meet at 12:00 pm (noon) in the cafe for lunch. This is a great, family friendly venue, so children are welcome to attend.
  5. Boomboy007

    2A Lobby Day carpool from Bellingham, 1/17/2020

    Whatcom Open Carry is headed down to Olympia! Let's gather with like minded patriots and ensure that the politicritters understand that we are done with their anti-liberty measures. We are going to gather at the Cordata Station Park and Ride at 5:00am, with a departure no later than 5:30am. We...
  6. Boomboy007

    I-1094 needs YOUR signature!

    All right, Washington patriots, it is time to get off our butts and into the public eye. I-1094 will effectively repeal I-1639 if it is brought to the ballot and passed by the voters. We can review all of the underhanded methods by which I-1639 was brought before the people. Likewise, let's...
  7. Boomboy007


    We once again gather with family, friends, and like minded lovers of liberty for our (mostly) annual Whatcom County Open Carry Picnic. Come join us for burgers, beaches, and fun on the shore of Lake Whatcom in Bellingham! We will convene on Saturday, August 31, beginning at 10:30am. Bring a lawn...
  8. Boomboy007

    Bellingham Gay Pride 2A Educational Outreach Booth July 14, 2019

    Time to celebrate our LGBT brothers and sisters and let them know that they deserve the right to self defense, too! As usual, we will have a booth setup to perform some education and outreach. The parade is at noon, but we will be there to setup at 9:30am. Anyone with an interest in helping...
  9. Boomboy007

    Whatcom County Open Carry Luncheon July 13, 2019 12:00pm (Noon)

    Attention, Patriots of Western Washington! We once again gather to share a meal and friendship at one of our favorite places, Tony's Just a Bite, in Blaine, Washington. It is a time to celebrate our sacred Second Amendment rights, and strategize for our community outreach. We will be meeting...
  10. Boomboy007

    Whatcom Open Carry Luncheon Saturday, March 30, 2019, 12:00pm

    Gather once again, defenders of liberty, to share another meal with like minded patriots. We are gathering at an absolutely fantastic restaurant in Blaine called "Tony's Just a Bite". This eatery is owned by a like minded patriot who just happens to cook my favorite brunch in Whatcom County...
  11. Boomboy007

    Whatcom County Open Carry luncheon Sunday, 11/18/2018

    Just an FYI: We are still meeting Sunday, 11/18/2018. We will be meeting at Cedar's Restaurant (2019 E Main St, Ferndale, WA) at 2:00pm.
  12. Boomboy007

    Bellingham Round Table Pizza

    We have a relatively active Open Carry community here in Whatcom county, and we gather occasionally to catch up with one another, chat about politics, and break bread together. I recently visited Round Table Pizza [1145 E Sunset Dr #135, Bellingham, WA 98226 (360) 671-6305] while open carrying...
  13. Boomboy007

    "March For Our Rights" Pro Gun Rally in Olympia April 21, 2018 (12:00-3:00)

    Once again, Patriots of Washington will gather with like minded sisters and brothers to defend our right to self defense. We will proclaim, from the steps of the capital, that our inalienable right codified by the second amendment safeguards all others. Come, join us and proudly proclaim your...
  14. Boomboy007

    Rally April 14, 2018 in Olympia.

    Head's up, Patriots. We are headed down to Olympia on Saturday, April 14, for the pro gun rally . We are meeting at The Grill (1155 E Sunset Dr), close to Harbor Freight Tools at 12:00 pm for lunch. We will head out at 1:15pm. The rally is 5:30-8:00pm. Greg has generously offered to drive the...
  15. Boomboy007

    Whatcom county Open Carry luncheon Saturday, March 31, 1:00pm.

    Once again Patriots shall gather to dine and dish at Applebee's restaurant, 1069 E Sunset Dr, Bellingham, WA. Come join us for a meal, and stay for the company. We will be planning our trip down to Olympia next month to join the pro 2A demonstration. Come join us!
  16. Boomboy007

    Wife has possible job offer in Melbourne.

    As some of you here know, I am Avery vocal and active proponent of gun liberty in general, and open carry in particular. Not only do I carry on a daily basis, but I assist with local outreach events. My wife has a possible job offer in Melbourne, Australia. We would be there for possibly 5...
  17. Boomboy007

    Whatcom County luncheon Sunday, 1/21/18 at 12:00pm

    We are having a luncheon at a local restaurant here in Bellingham. The location will be announced shortly before the meeting, as to give our local troll as little time as possible to hassle the management, although his efforts were wholly unsuccessful at our last gathering at Fred Meyer. I shop...
  18. Boomboy007

    Time to buy a dash cam.

    After seeing this video, I wonder how they will spin the story that will allow the cop to walk. It doesn't matter if it is a middle class black man out for a drive with his girlfriend and child, or a white West Point combat veteran shopping at Costco, the state will find an excuse to execute...
  19. Boomboy007

    Trouble at the BC border.

    Let me start this by saying clearly: I blame no one but myself. That said, a couple of Sundays ago, I went shooting with a couple of young guys from my work. One is a relatively new shooter whose experience is mostly limited to .22 rifles. I have found that my AK is a fun spray gun, especially...
  20. Boomboy007

    Whatcom County open carry shoot east of Bellingham this Saturday, June 2, 2012.

    After all the fun that we had with the Skagit County members a cou ple of weeks ago, we have decided to have our own little gravel pit shoot this Saturday. This event is open to all, and the fun will start about 11:00am. I will likely be there a bit early to pick up some litter, and anyone...