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    Riders USA 2nd ammendment rally 2/17/2018

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    Riders USA 2nd ammendment rally 2/18/2017

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    Sky Harbor

    Has anyone ever open carried at Sky Harbor in the non sterile ares (baggage claim and such) while picking up someone? I may be picking up a relative this month and I just wanted to know how it went if you OC'd.
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    Any oper Carriers in Globe

    I will be starting my new job in Miami and will be relocating to Globe next week. Are there on OC'ers in the area that can tell me more about the area?
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    A.r.s 12-781

    My employer has fence around the parking lot and security guards in the building itself. Also employees are issued ID badges that grant access to building itself. My question is: under A.R.S 12-781, can they prohibit employees from keeping guns in their own vehicles? 3. The property owner...
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    My version of how the second amendment.

    I wrote this several years ago when I working one Sunday at the lab (it was a slow day). Congress, nor any state, nor any political sub division within a state shall make no law that in any way, abridges, restricts, infringes or denies the absolute right of the individual who is not lawfully...
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    Good encounter with LEO

    I was at Starbucks on Chandler Blvd. today OC'ing my Sig P-220 when one of the employees approached me and said that someone had called the police. Ten minutes later the same employee came back and said they were trying to cancel the call. About 10 minutes later a police officer came by and...
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    I am ready!

    Last night before I get to AZ! Staying here in Gallup NM, just got tired of driving, started the day at Oklahoma City. My first stop in AZ will be at Meteor Crater (Someone should remind Micheal Moore that sky diving is best left to professionals!) then it is off to Phoenix to me brother's...
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    Let me get this straight.

    I will be moving to Arizona this coming week. I plan to arrive on the 17th. I have a South Carolina CWP which is valid for about 4 more years. As I understand it, once I cross the state line, I can carry either openly or concealed with my SC CWP. Maybe I am just having pre open carry jitters...
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    Arizona Here I come!

    :D I will relocating to AZ from South Carolina next week. I got a new job in Chandler, starting on the 21st. I just ordered a coyote tan (keeping with the desert motif) Serpa holster for my SIG P220 match. I will be joining AZCDL when I get settled. Does anyone know of any pro-gun movie...
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    Moving from South Carolina to AZ

    I will be moving from Charleston SC to Phoenix within a month. My question is can I use my SC concealed weapons permit to get a an AZ permit. How long would that take. South Carolina does have a training requirement (8 hours classroom, shooting test). Also I given to understand that there is...