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  1. Logan 5

    I have an idea....

    Guys, I have an idea on resolving this dispute with the liberals over guns. Times have changed. So shouldn't we ask "do we REALLY need guns in our lives?" Yeah, an evil question, I know. So here's my train of thought- We get rid of the NRA, GOA and JPFO. And they get rid of the ADL, SPLC...
  2. Logan 5

    Why some people hate cops

    Some people hate cops. Some people love them. Some people can go either way, and some people would rather stay away. Sounds poetic, but it's true. This causes significant problems with the Second Amendment, the argument being "if you cannot respect the police should you have the right to...
  3. Logan 5

    Distraught people, deadly results

    This is not an anti-cop post. However, the problem is still very real no matter what color you paint it- officer-involved shootings are still very real and increasing at an alarming rate. This is an article by the Washington Post that touches this issue. "Distraught people, deadly results" --...
  4. Logan 5

    We are all Rambo

    An eye opener, IMO. http://www.sunad.com/index.php?tier=1&article_id=32943
  5. Logan 5

    Anti-firearm business directory

    I looked and couldn't find it. Or perhaps I'm just half blind. But I cannot find a listing of businesses that prohibit firearms on premises. You know, like Starbucks, Target, and the like. Is there one?
  6. Logan 5

    What would you do?

    Seriously. What would you do (or not do) if you witnessed a crime? 1. You're walking down the street and you see a black kid mug an old woman. 2. You're walking down the street and you see two cops mace and body slam a man in a wheelchair. 3. You're in the park and you see a man beating his...
  7. Logan 5

    How do I file a complaint against a moderator?

    I have had a problem with a moderator that not only has not read what I said, but has gone far enough to outright lie in public. How do I file a complaint against him?
  8. Logan 5

    Another search warrant....what would you do?

    Ok, for the primal illiterate morons that can't shut up about how much of this unearned hatred they have for cops...ANOTHER search warrant. What would you do? It's Monday morning. It's mid June. 07:30 hrs. You're finishing up breakfast, all dressed for work. Your kids (same as before) are...
  9. Logan 5

    Fed up

    I am so fed up with all this CRAP people post about cops. I can't say that I like a lot of the stuff I see as well, and yeah I tend to get ticked off by the videos I watch. Like the black kid that was minding his own business in San Jose BART, sitting there, complying with the unreasonable...
  10. Logan 5

    Another no-knock warrant served....

    ...or is it? But this time it's at YOUR home. It's your family, that you have now, your home, as you have now, essentially it's you, NOW. It's 02:30 and someone busts down your front door. They do not announce they are cops. They do not announce they are doing a no-knock search. What are...
  11. Logan 5

    A couple interesting Second Amendment pieces

    A few pieces I came across today. United States v. Engstrom The question of whether the Second Amendment is an individual right or reserved only to organized militias has been answered. District of Columbia. v. Heller held that individual citizens have a right to bear arms for self-defense...
  12. Logan 5

    Blackpowder resctrictions

    I was talking with my state representative the other day, who is a gun lover as well, and we started on a topic I feel is worthy of discussion here. Let me be simple with the question that started it all- How often have criminal used muzzleloaders and/or flintlocks in the commission of a crime...
  13. Logan 5

    veteran arrested and Charged for Legal Open Carry....

    A decorated Air Force veteran pleaded not guilty this morning to a charge of “trespassing with a weapon capable of producing bodily harm,” after being arrested by police in Vancouver, Washington, for legally open carrying an AR-15 rifle. Excerpt ... Read more at...
  14. Logan 5

    Trespassing, who has "credibility"?

    If there is a criminal trespassing, who do you expect the cops to believe? The tenant or the trespasser? Under what circumstances would an unwelcome trespasser have the right to trespass/enter a home, if the trespasser is not the tenant, nor the owner and has no consent from the tenant?
  15. Logan 5

    Here ya go....

    Some road rage events can't be handled any better! :banana: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RyP4dtdPrw
  16. Logan 5

    Question for the kids- school shooters

    I know of NO possible way for anyone to really know "for sure" (if even remotely) IF someone is going to be a "school shooter", similar to what happened at VA Tech a few years back. Am I wrong on this? I for one, though I do not OC, feel that everyone's far safer with students AND staff OC'ing...
  17. Logan 5

    Seeking case law...warrantless search after arrest

    Regarding officer safety & warrantless searches- If a cop arrests you, cuffs you, and then takes you into your home, with you still cuffed, does that give them the right to search your home without your consent? IIRC that doesn't, because they voluntarily enter your home and have no reason to...
  18. Logan 5

    Membership inquiry

    It is said that the stars represent donations to OCDO as well "...more than one star reflects either extraordinary work on behalf of gun rights or donations to one of our media campaigns." does lifetime membership count? How do we verify our contributions to groups other than OCDO and what...
  19. Logan 5

    Desert Rocks concert

    These guys claim to have some really good music. https://www.desertrocks.org/ Date & time: June 7th & 10th Location: North of Green River, Utah on Hastings Road It has been stated that it will be posted "no firearms allowed", even though it is on public property (BLM)...
  20. Logan 5

    Cops gun down man for legally carrying firearm

    Cops gun down man for legally carrying firearm Erik Scott was a West Point graduate who went on to serve honorably in the Army, get his MBA from Duke and establish a lucrative career in real estate and as a sales rep for a medical device company. He was 38 years old when he was gunned down in...