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  1. Fallschirjmäger

    If the USA is such a violent place....

    ... why is it that Europe is the area having so many grenade attacks? http://www.cracked.com/article_25737_5-world-cities-that-have-weird-problems-you-never-knew-about.html Sorry, couldn't split the article out separately.
  2. Fallschirjmäger

    New Changes to Georgia Weapons Laws

    With Governor Deal's signature to House Bill 292 a few welcome changed have been made to Georgia's weapons laws. In no particular order and posting as I run across them... It's now an unlawful discriminatory practice for any person to refuse to provide financial services of any kind to, to...
  3. Fallschirjmäger

    Meryl(spit) Streep speaks at the Golden Globe awards....

    Read more at Business2Community.com Yo, Meryl....no one in the Republican Party is saying anything about 'kicking out' any Israelis, Cambodians, Japanese, or even Canadians. No one is saying anything about putting people in internment camps.... we're not Democrats, after all. You remember...
  4. Fallschirjmäger

    Possibly, a first arrest for openly carrying in Texas

    Nothing more to go on, no names, cities, or anything else but I thought it interesting enough to post.
  5. Fallschirjmäger

    Q. Law specificity - 'may not carry a pistol in _____ caliber."

    On another forum, someone is asking if LA prohibits the carrying of pistols chambered in 'rifle' calibers. Specifically they said that they heard (friend of a friend's friend) that carrying a FN FiveSeven pistol was prohibited because the 5.7x28 round was a 'rifle caliber'. This would come as...
  6. Fallschirjmäger

    Peachtree City Employee Shoots Wife, Twice, Gets Administrative Leave

    PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. — As the city employee has been placed on administrative leave and not arrested, would anyone care to speculate on the city employee's job?
  7. Fallschirjmäger

    Man openly carrying an AR outside my house

    So, on the way back from the grocery store I'm less than 200m from the driveway and there's a guy on the side of the road with an AR in both hands. No bandoleers of ammo, doesn't look like there's a flash suppressor on the end. He's not acting wildly. He waves, I lift a hand from the steering...
  8. Fallschirjmäger

    "Criminals Will Attack Open Carriers First" = B.S.

    Excerpted from The Armed Criminal in America: Available online for about $3. cf Page 27 of this PDF
  9. Fallschirjmäger

    Floyd County Chief Deputy being Sued by Georgia Carry Organization.

    A Georgia Carry member, wishing to attend the "Wings Over Georgia" airshow being held at the Richard B. Russell Regional Airport, a publicly owned property, looked at the rules and regulations for said airshow and found something disturbing: "All forms of weapons are prohibited. All persons...
  10. Fallschirjmäger

    Oregon Open Carry Holster...

    Earlier this afternoon, I was reliably informed by someone "who knows what they're talking about" that the only way to "openly carry in Oregon without a permit was to carry the pistol in a hip holster and it's not covered by a jacket, shirt etc. That's the only form of carry that is legal...
  11. Fallschirjmäger

    James v ACoE

    Paulding County man sues to bring gun to Lake Allatoona If I'm correct this will be James v. Army Corps of Engineers. And for those who recognize the name, the attorney is Georgia Carry's own John R. Monroe who is very active in the firearms rights community. Additional thread on Georgia...
  12. Fallschirjmäger

    County doesn't care what the law says, "That's Illegal!"

    Grady Co. sticking to guns on park gun ban Posted: May 08, 2014 6:14 PM EST Updated: May 08, 2014 6:14 PM EST By Troy Washington - troy.washington@walb.com Aside from the fact that House Bill 60 doesn't have a single, solitary thing to do with firearms on public property or public parks the...
  13. Fallschirjmäger

    Law specificity; produce firearms license

    Regarding firearms and licensing in Louisiana, is there a specific portion of the LA code which requires a carrier to produce his license? (Meaning a specific requirement as there is for producing a driving license when stopped.)
  14. Fallschirjmäger

    HB60 to be signed by da Governor

    Full Text of HB60 As Passed From:Jerry Henry It is no longer necessary to call Governor Deal concerning HB60. Below is an invitation GCO received from Speaker David Ralston for all members of GCO to attend the signing of HB60. The invitation below is self-explanatory.
  15. Fallschirjmäger

    State Preemption v. Jackson County Parks and Recreation.

    A group of us were thinking of having a summer barbeque at Bear Creek Reservoir in Jackson County. Unfortunately, it seems that Bear Creek has a park regulation that is not in accordance with the Georgia Code, specifically one that prohibits the possession of firearms. Georgia Code 16-11-173 is...
  16. Fallschirjmäger

    Sterling Heights, Mich, OC detainment, seizure, handcuffing

    Unknown who this is, the name is unclear on the recording. Date on recording shows 2008/01/02 (but that may mean nothing), YouTube description says July 2013. Officer approaches man walking down the road with a drawn sidearm. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDMzsoSgrZc&feature=player_embedded...
  17. Fallschirjmäger

    New Yorker Finds Unusual Use for a Loaded Firearm

    According to the Times Union Much more at the provided link.
  18. Fallschirjmäger

    Arrested as a result of Open Carry

    This incident began last year. An Alabamian attending college in Georgia was sitting at a McDonald's enjoying their fine dining cuisine with his wife and children when he was approached by two officers of the Columbus Police Department. Officers Baldwin and Mills demanded to know if Stubbs had...
  19. Fallschirjmäger

    Hb 1224

    Anyone know more about this? http://www.leg.state.co.us/clics/clics2013a/csl.nsf/fsbillcont/7E6713B015E62E6F87257B0100813CB5?Open&file=1224_01.pdf It would appear to ban even 'normal' pump action shotguns if the tube can be extended.
  20. Fallschirjmäger

    2A lunch and GCO Fundraiser in Buckhead, 26JAN

    As reported on Georgia Packing.Org, the U.S. Cafe in Buckhead is having a lunch get together and fundraiser lunch. You need not be a Georgia Carry member, nor do you need to join to be invited to the festivities; all are welcome. The address is 2591 Piedmont Rd Atlanta 30324 at the corner of...