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  1. California Right To Carry


    Update by Charles Nichols, President of California Right To Carry – January 12, 2017 at 2:02 PM – San Diego Sheriff Gore’s attorney quickly responded to my request for the cert petition filed in this case. The same cannot be said of the attorneys for Orange County Sheriff Hutchens who never...
  2. California Right To Carry

    Two More Concealed Carry Appeals Lose

    Three More Concealed Carry Appeals Lose The first two decisions came 48 days after the paper copies of the supplemental briefs regarding the Peruta v. San Diego concealed carry decision were distributed. The decisions are unpublished, which means they do no harm, and very short. They...
  3. California Right To Carry

    Flanagan et al v. Harris et al - NRA Open Carry Lawsuit - But Not Really

    I thought I had created a thread about this case before but I couldn't find it. No matter, as I predicted AG Harris filed a motion to dismiss. The briefs can be found at my website here. UPDATE November 2, 2016: The motions to dismiss are now online. Motion hearing set for February 13, 2017...
  4. California Right To Carry

    Open Carry Win in the 9th Circuit - Murphy v. CNMI Government

    A pro se plaintiff managed to do what none of the so called gun-rights groups were able to do. Probably because all of the so called gun-rights groups were so busy trying to uphold prohibitions on Open Carry. Plaintiff: Paul Murphy and CNMI Case Number: 1:2014cv00026 Filed: December 24, 2014...
  5. California Right To Carry

    Another concealed carry lawsuit bites it!

    This time it was a CalGuns.nuts :banana: concealed carry lawsuit out of Santa Clara County which went down in flames -> Scocca v. Smith. Update by Charles Nichols, President of California Right To Carry – September 30, 2016 – After notifying the Madison Society that it was dropping its...
  6. California Right To Carry

    Peruta v. San Diego Full Court Petitions Denied.

    Update August 15, 2016 by Charles Nichols – President of California Right To Carry – FULL COURT PETITION DENIED. Now we wait for the mandate to issue (7 to 30 days from August 15, 2016) at which point this case is over as far as the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is concerned. All that is left...
  7. California Right To Carry

    Connecticut Invokes Open Carry in Support of "Assault" Weapons Ban

    From Connecticut's Brief in Opposition to the cert petition in Shew v. Malloy: "At the same time that the Act seeks to achieve compelling public health and safety goals, it leaves the core of the Second Amendment right to self defense intact. Connecticut citizens remain free to lawfully...
  8. California Right To Carry

    NRA steps into Norman v. Florida Open Carry case

    Yesterday, April 8th, the Florida Supreme Court granted the motion by the NRA to enter the case as an Amicus in the Norman v. Florida Open Carry case, ostensibly in support of Norman. I emailed the NRA lawyers asking them, rhetorically, if their Amicus brief was going to read like Act III...
  9. California Right To Carry

    Status of California Open Carry Lawsuit - Charles Nichols v. Edmund Brown, Jr., et al

    EDIT: This thread was created when my April 5, 2016 update was relevant. That update is now obsolete. For the current status of my California Open Carry appeal, click here.
  10. California Right To Carry

    WRENN et al v. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA et al 2.0

    WRENN et al v. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA et al 16-7025 The gods do have a sense of humor. Six days before the Caetano decision was published the District of Columbia appellate clerk laid out an accelerated briefing schedule, or at least it is by 9th Circuit Court of Appeals standards. Alan Gura...
  11. California Right To Carry

    SCOTUS Decisions of March 21, 2016 - Caetano, Powell and Bonidy

    We won in Caetano v. Massachusetts The Per Curiam decision in Caetano is available at the link above. The pundits have differing opinions as to whether or not stun guns are protected arms or if the decision merely held that the reasoning by the Massachusetts high court in holding that stun...
  12. California Right To Carry

    Is Carrying a Loaded Handgun in a Backpack in a City a Crime in California?

    My website has literally received more than 50,000 hits on my Peruta v. San Diego page but less than a 1,000 on my People v. Wade page even though a decision in the Wade case could have a greater and earlier impact on carrying a loaded gun in California. If you are unfamiliar with the Peruta v...
  13. California Right To Carry

    California Active Duty Police Officer Exemption to PC 25850?

    Never mind, I found the exemption in PC 25900.
  14. California Right To Carry

    Answer Brief on the merits filed in Norman v. State Open Carry case

    The brief can be read here -> http://blog.californiarighttocarry.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/2015-650_brief_1188051.pdf Amusingly, the state's brief cites Heller extensively in support of the state's claim that states can ban Open Carry. The now vacated and sharply divided three judge panel...
  15. California Right To Carry

    Powell v. Tompkins Rises from the Dead (SCOTUS carry case) 15-6063

    This is a Second & 14th Amendment carry case out of Massachusetts. It is not a concealed carry case. A cert petition was filed with the US Supreme Court on September 9, 2015. The cert petition is very well written. Importantly, it clearly identifies the existing circuit splits on whether or...
  16. California Right To Carry

    National Rifle Association Drops Lawsuit against San Francisco

    A draft of my press release -> http://us11.campaign-archive1.com/?u=8983547b55225326e869dd6a1&id=acad5fbc9a&e= The Jackson v. San Francisco page at my website -> http://blog.californiarighttocarry.org/?page_id=1776 Update September 1, 2015 by Charles Nichols – President of California Right To...
  17. California Right To Carry

    The Pro Liberty Choice: Dispelling The Myths Of Open Carry

    By Dan Griffin, Michigan Open Carry With the recent activities of Open Carry Texas lawfully asserting their rights in an effort to get the Texas legislature to vote for the legalization of openly carried handguns, and counter protests to that—including the poorly attended rallies of the...
  18. California Right To Carry

    State of California Concedes Second Amendment Extends Outside the Home

    This was an unexpected concession by California's Solicitor General during the en banc oral arguments in Peruta v. San Diego / Richards v. Prieto. We owe a debt to Circuit Judge Carlos Bea who pinned the State down to clearly articulate its position on whether or not the Second Amendment is...
  19. California Right To Carry

    Jackson v. San Francisco Denied Cert

    Justice Thomas wrote a dissent which was joined by Justice Scalia. Here is a link to my press release should you wish to read a longer explanation. The short version is that SCOTUS will not grant cert petitions in Second Amendment cases unless there is a circuit split. Since the decision in...
  20. California Right To Carry

    Peruta v. San Diego / Richards v. Prieto En Banc Panel Revealed

    Details are at my website here. It is an interesting mix. We have two judges who gave us the two-step historical inquiry framework in US v. Chovan which is used by most of the Federal Circuits and we have one of the judges from the now vacated three judge panel decision in Peruta in which...