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    What the hell is going on in General Discussion?

    Over 29 pages of spam threads with random words and links to cheap boot websites? What the... Doesn't this forum have some kind of security in place so robots cant make accounts? 0.o :uhoh:
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    Law Regarding Purchase Permit?

    I've tried google and can't really find anything regarding a timeframe. My friend applied for his purchase permit in Dearborn two days ago, they keep telling him it's under "review" and pending their "decision" because he was arrested in 09..but he wasn't convicted and it was his only arrest...
  3. M

    Wayne State OC?

    So, My girlfriend goes to Wayne State in downtown Detroit. She lives in a private apartment complex, across the street from campus. I think technically WSU owns all of the property around there, but am I allowed to carry? Or can they actually legally ban anyone who lives around there (including...
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    Perfect example of how to NOT act while being confronted for OC.

    The guy in this video was respectful and quiet, the girl he was with? Sounds like a crazy person, and people like this hurt the cause, not help it. I'm always calm and respectful when someone talks to me or approaches me..if I acted like this, I wouldn't be surprised if I got kicked out of...
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    24 Hour Ranges/Clubs in Michigan?

    I live in Northville, MI. When I lived in Canada the only gun range in the city had 24 hour member keycard access. Are there any sportsman clubs or ranges in this part of Michigan that has a 24 hour range? I've been looking for years and can't find anything online. Figured one of you guys may...
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    Geoffrey Fieger made me yell at my TV.

    Has anyone seen the new Geoffrey Fieger commercial about wanting to ban Automatic Weapons and 100 round "clips"? I just saw this a few minutes ago. It's sad that I'm visiting my Canadian family, and this crap is still on my TV. He finishes the commercial with "If you don't stand for something...
  7. M

    Not sure where to post this...need 9x18/9mm Makarov ammo in MI.

    I just bought a FEG PA-63 and I love it...although, I can't find ammo ANYWHERE. Does anyone know of any gun stores in MI that have any? Or know of anyone who has a little stockpile and would be willing to sell me some? As of right now, I only have enough ammo to fill one mag. :cry:
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    Thigh rigs: Acceptable? or too tacti-cool?

    Currently I have two set-ups that allow me to OC in this snowy MI weather with my CZ75B. I have a iTac holster with a drop down attachment, but it's almost impossible to comfortably sit in my car with this. I also have the thigh rig for my iTac holster. This thing fits perfectly, is extremely...
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    Lansing gun buyback program question?

    I know Lansing is planning a gun buyback in mid-February and I was wondering if it's legal in Michigan to go there and privately buy some of the firearms? I keep seeing posts in other states where people go there with signs, and score a stupid amount of nice firearms for like 300. Since...
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    Nicest LEO Department in Michigan?

    Everyone here has lived here longer than me, and has had way more experience with LEO's in Michigan. What would be (in your experience) the department with the nicest/most professional officers? I'm taking my MCOLES tests in two weeks and I'm not sure which dept to apply for. Detroit is my...
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    Sandy Hook (Long but worth watching)

    I don't usually believe all the conspiracy crap I see online sometimes, but this video has a ton of strangely good points. It's definitely worth watching. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Wx9GxXYKx_8 It covers a ton of stuff and really makes you think.
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    Purchase Permits & CPL's no longer required at gun stores for handgun purchase.

    I saw a sign at Action Impact (8mile & Beech Daly) when I went to get my Ruger LCP last week, that said "Effective Dec 28th 2012, you will no longer need a Pistol Purchase Permit or CPL for purchases. All background checks are done instantly in-store". Which I thought was pretty cool. Not...
  13. M

    Ruger LCP 15 round mag.

    I bought a Ruger LCP today, and I've been browsing online for stuff for it...and came across this. :rolleyes: ProMag 15 round. Midway USA sells them for 22.99. I'm not sure if I hate this, or I want to buy many of them. Pretty cool for going to the range, you don't have to reload your mags...
  14. M

    What size firearm do you OC?

    I carry a full size 3lb (when loaded) CZ 75B...and next friday, I'm buying a tiny Ruger LCP. Any of you OC really small guns? or excessively large guns? I'm thinking I'll still carry my CZ, and use the Ruger as a BUG, or CC it when I want to be somewhere without standing out so much.
  15. M

    Point shooting?

    Anyone have an experience or training with Point Shooting? I'm buying a Ruger LCP next week, and it has probably the worst sights I've seen on a gun. People keep telling me when I get it to try to train myself for "Point Shooting". Looking on Youtube and stuff I've found about 5 Videos where...
  16. M

    Heading to Liverpool from Michigan...can I bring my gun?

    I have a Michigan CPL. I'm traveling through Ohio, and PA to pick up my brother who's moving home from Liverpool. He told me, that if I have the gun locked in my trunk unloaded, since I'm only going to be in NY for a few hours, it's allowed by federal law. But..I called the NY state troopers...
  17. M

    So I drove today without putting my firearm in the trunk...

    Why do something so stupid you may ask? Oh..because my mailman handed me THIS as I walked out the door. Only took 35 days (Wayne County) AND they told me since it was the holidays, more people apply and it would take way longer than normal. I was told 4-8 months to get it in the mail. So...
  18. M

    Holster cracked...common or not?

    I holstered my firearm today and something felt off, I looked at it and saw this. :banghead: :cuss: Has anyone else had this problem with a iTac, Blackhawk, or any holster with a similar design? I'm not sure if I should scrap the plastic retention holsters and go leather, or order a new...
  19. M

    CPL Class...do I need a concealable holster?

    I have my CPL class tomorrow at 830. I have a question for anyone who knows, and it may be a REALLY dumb question. Do I need a concealable holster for the class? I have a few holster, but my main one is my iTac Lowride, which keeps my gun secure and holstered about 6-7 inches below my belt...
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    List Your Open Carry Experiences Here

    OC'd at Kirbys Coney on 8 & Haggerty. A few looks, but nobody seemed to really care. Also.. best breakfast skillet I've ever had. :p