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Recent content by tomm1963

  1. tomm1963

    ATF Picking A Fight With Texas Over Texas Made Suppressor Law!!!

    I know what NFA law is and it hinges on interstate commerce laws. The State tactic Texas is using has been tried in other places but I forget where. Maybe Barret Arms and full automatic NFA restrictions. As with anything it comes down to who wants to be the test case and be charged with NFA...
  2. tomm1963

    ATF Picking A Fight With Texas Over Texas Made Suppressor Law!!!

    I still don't understand what the gripe with this vid is? He goes over the Texas law which pushes back against the NFA. So my question is why are you upset by the vid? What is the BS and propaganda? Thanks for the welcome back BTW
  3. tomm1963

    ATF Picking A Fight With Texas Over Texas Made Suppressor Law!!!

    Please elaborate on why we have our kinards in a twist over this vid?
  4. tomm1963

    2nd Amendment Day

    FYI For those inclined September 14th https://gop-2a-day.eventbrite.com/ fund raiser, training, dinner, raffle
  5. tomm1963

    Doctors office in a tizzy after I left a copy of "American Rifleman" in waiting room

    Doctors office in a tizzy after I left a copy of "American Rifleman" in waiting room So I take my kids in for a well visit and leave behind an American Rifleman Mag in the waiting room. Three days later wifey gets a call about it. The office manager wants me to call her back. OMG the antis...
  6. tomm1963

    Gwen Moore-Pathetic Congressional rep in the Peoples Republic of Milwaukee

    Below is the response i received from my congresswoman, seriously out of touch with reality...thank god the House is not in Democrap hands any longer. Thank you for contacting me to express your opposition to new gun violence prevention legislation. As you know, the tragedies in Aurora...
  7. tomm1963

    My Polling Station Posted No Firearms Anoyone else?

    Here in the Peoples Republic of Milwaukee my polling place was posted for the first time since Act 35 took effect. Not allowed to exercise my 2nd amendment right at the same time as the 15th. Hmm
  8. tomm1963

    The ex-girlfriend of the man suspected of killing six faces felony possession charge

    From foxnews http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/08/07/girlfriend-sikh-temple-shooter-to-face-weapons-charge/ "The unregistered gun was found during a search of the South Milwaukee home" Am I missing something? Unregistered? Does South Milwaukee have gun registration? Unless this was a short...
  9. tomm1963

    Robbery thwarted by “No Weapons” sign----NOT

    CBS58 reports http://www.cbs58.com/news/local-news/Restaurant-robbers-caught-on-video-159371475.html The reporter notes a "Cash Only" and "NO Weapons" sign on the door and ponders the significance. Gee do you think? Hey criminals we only have CASH on premises, and no one here is armed …. How...
  10. tomm1963

    Justice Department prints 100,000th concealed carry permit

  11. tomm1963

    Companies new CCW policy - not sure they got this right.

    Weapons in Vehicles & Registration of Weapons Policy The Wisconsin state law permits concealed carry weapons – handgun, electric weapon or knife other than a switchblade – in a vehicle while in company parking lots. While signage will prohibit weapons of any sort in or around our buildings...
  12. tomm1963

    MKEgal teaches a fine CC class

    Last weekend my wife and I hosted a small get together of 9 friends to have dinner, beverages and “Face to face” CC training. We retained MKEgal to do the course in our home. She did an excellent job and all of our guests had a wonderful time. This was a great way to get the training...
  13. tomm1963

    Jeff Fitzgerald Running For US Senate - Torpedo this sell out

    Here's the opportunity to slap this RINO down for obstructing Constitutional Carry. Do all you can to make sure he has an ice-cubes chance in he!! of getting to the US Senate. Fund and support other candidates, make sure he knows gun rights people are working hard against him...
  14. tomm1963

    Anyone else get an e-mail from WAVE today?

    or am I just lucky? Email from WAVE below. Did you hear that Governor Walker and his extremist allies just rammed through legislation that puts Wisconsin families directly in danger? Their reckless new “guns in public” law allows people to carry loaded, hidden guns in our bars, restaurants and...
  15. tomm1963

    American Academy of Pediatrics -Questionable Stats

    So I took my little guy for his well visit the other day and the doc hands me the attached pamphlet. She never asked about firearms in the home so we had no discussion on the issue, but the pamphlet seems to give some questionable info "Firearm Hazards Children in homes where guns are present...