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Recent content by mnrobitaille

  1. mnrobitaille

    Washington State Frequently Asked Questions About Open Carry

    I realize this is basically a dead thread, but thanks to all the changes done by AG Ferguson, his cronies in state legislature, & Governor Inslee, is there any way to update the masses??
  2. mnrobitaille

    Cross-draw/cross-body carry?

    The other concern regarding carrying in a shoulder holster is how is the firearm carried while holster, where is the muzzle pointing??
  3. mnrobitaille

    Washington carrying laws

    SAF is assisting in the fight against the magazine ban. I have not yet heard of a case involving protests, State Capitol, or municipality meeting grounds.
  4. mnrobitaille

    Carrying on University of Idaho campus

    Idaho is a Constitutional Carry state, however the University of Idaho disallows the carrying of firearms on campus openly. Only those that have the Idaho "Enhanced" concealed weapons license & qualified retired law enforcement may carry properly concealed firearms while on campus. There are...
  5. mnrobitaille

    tis been a good and enjoyable run...

    I, am like a few others, not as active as used to be. Life & work has taken me away from being on here like I once was. For work wise, I am an Event Services Specialist, where I am working at different event venues (Stadiums/Arenas/Amphitheaters/etc.), where I have to deal with the possibility...
  6. mnrobitaille

    Cross-draw/cross-body carry?

    I do cross-draw/cross-body with a S&W M&P SHIELD .40 in Alien Gear Holster ShapeShift Shoulder Holster configuration.
  7. mnrobitaille

    Courts, encounters with locking up pistols while visiting.

    Past several times, I've visited Franklin County Courthouse in Pasco, I just have to walk into the Security Checkpoint & a key(s) for the lockbox is given to me. Most of the correctional deputies know me & that I carry, so no questions asked.
  8. mnrobitaille

    sidebar regard LE response in latest incident...

    One other detail missed, is that it seems when these mass shooting events happen, there's a major news event happening (i.e. when Uvalde happened, the Depp-Heard trial was nearing conclusion & Parkland Jury Selection was going on).
  9. mnrobitaille

    NRA Women ~ 'To open carry or not to open carry' article

    FNRA does more than just provide grants to youth shooting sports (4H, FFA, Scouting, School trap/skeet). There's also range development, law enforcement training/equipment, & other shooting sports programs. On event nights, elected officials & those running for office can attend to show that...
  10. mnrobitaille

    NRA Women ~ 'To open carry or not to open carry' article

    As a side thought, I was a committee member of a local Friends of NRA unit & I was told that I should not be OCing while out representing the unit. Even at the yearly banquet, they did not want committee members to OC (even though attendees were allowed to do so).
  11. mnrobitaille

    NRA Women ~ 'To open carry or not to open carry' article

    It seems a lot of the main organizations have a vested interest in CC, & would rather everyone CC & not OC.
  12. mnrobitaille

    Why the sudden rash in "mass shootings"?

    If I remember right, the coordination of the protests & the costs was likely thanks to people like Bloomberg & Shannon Watts, as they want to see everyone disarmed, except for active duty law enforcement & military. Concerning the chastising of law abiding, responsibly armed citizenry, & the...
  13. mnrobitaille

    Why the sudden rash in "mass shootings"?

    From my perspective, these mass shooting events are happening, when there is something going on that they don't want media attention of. I was doing RSO Duty this past weekend, & one of the Life members/logistical volunteers got into discussing Uvalde & how the shooter was able to get...
  14. mnrobitaille

    Fight against SB 5078 (Magazine ban above 10 rounds).

    Some sporting goods outlets/FFLs are letting everyone know about the deadlines to get firearms that have "high capacity" magazines. Below is a screenshot of an e-mail I received from Sportsman's Warehouse.
  15. mnrobitaille

    Constitutional Carry Starting July of 2022

    If you travel outside your home state, it'd be beneficial to have LTC/CCL/CPL/CWL/CHL (add whatever 3-letter abbreviation your state uses), as unfortunately (as evidenced by Oregon, Illinois, California, Hawaii, & New York) not all states see/treat non-residents as equal to residents.