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Recent content by Greg Bradburn

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    Pine Forest High Student Had "assault rifle" in car

    Not OC related but is it illegal to have a rifle in the trunk of your car on public school property? Also, when will the media stop using the misnomer "Assault Rifle" for non-military rifles? https://www.wral.com/authorities-pine-forest-high-student-had-assault-rifle-in-car/18702440/
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    American Gun Facts

    One off the most concise and visual presentations of the FACTS about guns in America that I have ever seen. http://americangunfacts.com/
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    Carrying in a polling place?

    I will be volunteering as a poll observer at the Herb Young Community Center in Cary. I have not seen any signs at that location and so don't know if carry is permitted there normally (please tell me if it isn't). Assuming that one can normally carry there, is CC allowed at a polling place...
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    Eric Holder cleared in 'Fast and Furious' probe!!!

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    Another GFZ shooting

    Woman opens fire on Detroit Princess riverboat From the article: Everybody on the boat was forcibly disarmed making them easy victims for the shooter after she retrieved her firearm from her car.
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    Interesting incident

    http://www.wral.com/share/page/1896337/?id=11285170 The way this story was explained to me by a co-worker, before I read the article, is that this place is posted and obviously the perp ignored the sign but so apparently did the customer who shot the perp in the head. I think it is interesting...
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    Article about CC in parks on WRAL

    http://www.wral.com/news/state/story/10536247/ I hope all of you comment on this lunacy. I did. What do you think of suggestion that they reword the signs prohibiting CC in parks to read: "Attention Criminals - for your safety and convenience we have disarmed the patrons of this park. Happy...
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    Idiocy on parade at the News and Observer

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    Legality of securing firearm in a combination safe cable-locked to the front seat?

    Greetings, My son just turned 18 and he is starting to OC my Beretta 92FS and, while driving, have it on the passenger seat of his jeep. If he leaves the car in an area where he can't OC, is it legal for him to secure it in one of those combination safes with a cable-lock, locked to the...
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    New Al Qaeda Video : Buy Automatic Weapons and Shoot Americans

    http://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/al-qaeda-video-buy-automatic-weapons-start-shooting/story?id=13704264 I don't know where he gets his information. I have always had them run a NICS check when purchasing any kind of firearm at a gun show (unless I used my CHP). And I know you cannot buy a fully...
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    Sam Ash Music Store in Capital Blvd in Raleigh does not allow firearms

    I took my daughter to Sam Ash today to get a guitar repaired. I was carrying my Colt Defender .45 and my Kel-Tec 32 when I saw the dreaded sign on the door. I checked and they are already listed on www.friendorfoe.us. I am composing an email to their corporate office: hq@samashmusic.com I'll...
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    Open carry at the gym?

    I feel silly asking this question as my gut tells me that common sense trumps legality but I thought I'd throw it out there and see what other opinions are. I live in North Carolina where OC is legal. I have been carrying concealed for 10 years and only recently started coming around to the...