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Recent content by divedog

  1. divedog

    Dec 13th Rally at the Capital?

    Is anyone going? I didn't see anything on the WA forum? what is the general consensus on the I will not comply Rally? I also saw that there were 2 pro gun rally's on the capital grounds that day which kept the I will not comply rally from obtaining a permit? My apologies if this has already been...
  2. divedog

    Question sending a complete AR15 upper to MA

    Is it legal with no lower? The person that won my GB auction for a complete Spikes AR15 upper 16" barrel flash hider un pinned and a bayonet lug, lives in MA. Any advice from MA would be appreciated.
  3. divedog

    HB2137 any info?

    I work for a company that has a no weapons on the premises clause in the employee Manuel. It does not specifically talk about private vehicles but I assume it is intended to be used as they see fit. The parking lot is owned by the company and is open to the public. Does anyone have any info on...
  4. divedog

    New guy thinking about OC in Seattle

    I live a ferry ride away from Seattle, I think it's great what you guys are doing. I am a long time 2nd amendment supporter. I have a CWP and have carried for many years but never OC in public other than hunting or at the range. I see some of you are OCing in Seattle, are you being harassed by...