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Thread: What law prohibits guns?

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    What law prohibits guns?

    I want to buy a gun to protect myself. But I do not know if the law prohibits or restricts it.

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    We need a lot more info before your question can be answered.

    First question, where are you from? Danielson where??????

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    Let me put on my psyche [no not my psycho] a tenír on CT...

    better question(s) for the OP...

    how olde, > 21 for handgun,
    not in legal trouble now or past,
    no DV issues,
    for carry or home defense,
    donít use illegal substances,
    not an allien,

    those work for the moment...
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    Quote Originally Posted by color of law View Post
    We need a lot more info before your question can be answered.
    I think we can tackle the universal basics, at least pointing him to our own state-by-state authoritative source so he can look up the information for himself!

    First question, where are you from? Danielson where??????
    I find Google Maps to be helpful, as it lists all cities of strange names without preference.

    AMAdvid1987, are you from Danielson, Killingly, CT? Also, if I might make a reasonable assumption based on both you writing style and a common Internet habit, are you 31 years old?

    If this is the case, then Open Carry's State Pages are a good first start. Here's the page for Connecticut.

    If my deductions were incorrect, then go to the Connecticut page and select your state from one of the State Info tabs at the top. You'll find a number of additional resources there, as well.
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