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Thread: Discussion about remembering peter nap, skidmark & Grapeshot

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    Quote Originally Posted by scouser View Post
    Thank you to everyone who made our lunch such a good celebration, nice to see that half of the people there don't even live in the Richmond area yet still chose to travel and meet up to eat and celebrate the lives of our 3 friends
    And thank you, GC, for setting it up.

    By the way, I had visions of reinitializing the "Virginia Legal Defense Seminar", but an incident yesterday reminded me of why I'm now retired. There were basically two reasons - first, my health is such that I have "good days" and "bad days" - so I can't promise anyone that I can show up in court on any particular day to defend their interests - too unreliable. Secondly, I've developed a tendency to mix up or forget words. Not that I don't have the word I want in mind, but I'll say, "bicycle" thinking that I've said, "panel truck"; I'll have the picture of a panel truck in my mind, and believe that I've said "panel truck", but everyone but me will have heard, "bicycle". We were talking yesterday about the three principle rules of gun safety, and I quoted number three as "always treat a firearm as if it were unloaded" - upon which folks corrected me - the word should have been "loaded", not "unloaded", but, well, you see my "avatar", right? That's HAL, the computer's "eye" in "2001: A Space Oddessy" - the quote I had in mind when I selected it was, "My mind is going, Dave... I can feel it."

    So I'm frankly afraid to do self defense law seminars anymore, because I know I'll spout some nonsense not realizing that I've said what I did. And then some poor schmuck, who won't realize that what I've said was nonsense (since, as we all know, so much of the law is nonsense, so how would one be able to tell the difference?), will act on it and have problems as a result. Can't take that risk. I'm going to start writing, instead - I can correct that before anyone sees it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by user View Post
    ........I'm going to start writing, instead - I can correct that before anyone sees it.
    And, even then we all miss something. Missspelled words as an example.

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    Quote Originally Posted by color of law View Post
    And, even then we all miss something. Missspelled words as an example.
    JFT 96

    I'm sorry, did I offend you with my opinion?
    You should hear the ones I keep to myself.

    Porthos, Athos, and Aramis = peter nap, skidmark and Grapeshot, d'Artagnan = ?

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