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Thread: I have been thinking about open carry, but still undecided due to social pressure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OC4me View Post
    I open carried a smaller .380 when I first started as a means of getting the family used to it. Later I moved up to a full-sized. It doesn't hurt to dress nicely either, don't look like a slob.

    Although I didn't feel the need personally, if you really want to incrementally transition from concealed to open carry, you can start with an inside the waistband holster (so only the grip is exposed) and move on from there.
    I don’t have any problem with your comments, taken more as a suggestion than a command. Much as I would like to see everyone carrying a firearm have some training, I will be the last to suggest mandating it.

    I’ve been known to put on clean(er) clothes for a trip into town. I’ve also jumped in the truck and run to the hardware while filthy, while OC. As I try to always be prepared for conversations about firearms, I do my best to make a better than average presentation of myself. Having said that, I try my best to not look like a slob even if I’m not carrying. If slob is your style, wear it well.

    I did the IWB thing at first as well, thinking it was less noticeable while at the same time wondering about whether it was really open carry or not. I came to the conclusion that if anyone could identify it as a firearm, it was “probably” open carry. At the same time I came to the conclusion that IWB and a full size 226 Sig, didn’t really work for me, while also noticing that nobody was paying attention to me anyway, nor noticed a firearm either way. That “may” be partially because I wasn’t dressed like “a slob” but I prefer to think it was because I was at that place for a valid reason and not causing anyone any problems.

    I’m dealing with a daughter right now when has done a 180 on life as she was raised, and my patience with people that are offended by “something or everything”, even an off topic part of the conversation is kinda at an all time low. So, that may reflect in my comments somewhat. Deal with it.

    To the OP. I have reread most of the posts on this thread and I think my recommendation, which you may have already arrived at would be to OC on your walks and CC at the community center, to begin with. People will see you on the walks possibly, and assume or not that you are concealed the rest of the time. I’m guessing you meet less people walking than you do at the Center. You will get some interactions outside, and can explain your reason for being armed, which sounds like it should be understandable by most but the hardest core antis. It’s an ongoing learning experience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by since9 View Post
    That may be true. I discovered, however, that I vastly overestimated the negativity by the general public. After I began OCing, I discovered that the vast majority of people just didn't care. I got about 10x to 30x the number of complements and "attaboys" as I got dirty looks. In fact, in 7 years of OC, I only received five negative comments of disapproval.
    I have also found that to be true. Most people just do not care or aren't even AWARE of the open carry.

    I've also had some interesting conversations with various people about OC and the legality of it all.

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