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Thread: ‘Baffling’ gun-free zones in D.C. thwart concealed-carry permit holders. Lott comment

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    ‘Baffling’ gun-free zones in D.C. thwart concealed-carry permit holders. Lott comment

    “[ ... ]
    The city’s “gun-free zones” law places restrictions on carrying firearms within 1,000 feet of a school, college, day care center, playground, library, public housing complex and other public gathering spots.
    The list is so broad that nearly every city block would qualify as a gun-free zone, said John R. Lott Jr., president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, who released a map Tuesday showing the parts of the city he said would clearly be affected by the 1,000-foot restriction.
    “They’re just making it so it’s actually impossible for somebody to legally carry in the District of Columbia,” Mr. Lott said. “My own guess is they probably did it on purpose. I can’t get into people’s minds to know, but there’s no other law that’s drafted anywhere near similar to what’s in here.”
    The Metropolitan Police Department gave a different interpretation of the law, saying the gun-free zones apply only to those carrying firearms illegally and that the penalty amounts to boosting prison time when other offenses have been committed.
    [ ... ]
    Whatever the interpretation of the gun-free zones, analysts said, another part of the law has a long list of places where carrying is illegal, including city office buildings; the building, grounds and parking lots of schools; public transportation; hospitals; any place where alcohol is served; sports arenas; and the National Mall and other federal property.
    Carrying a firearm in a private residence or house of worship is also presumed illegal.
    D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s office didn’t respond to messages seeking comment on whether the city will revisit the ordinances, nor did council member Charles Allen, Ward 6 Democrat and chairman of the public safety committee. The council was in a meeting all day over the city’s paid-leave policy.
    [ ... ]”

    Lott CPRC: DC’s Gun-free Zone Problem: Regulations effectively ban anyone from legally carrying a gun
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    Not defending DC, but their regs specifically exempt restaurants and hotels that serve alcohol from the ban

    C/R/ D/R C/H D/H licensees are specifically mentioned as being exempt from the ban

    Those classes of license allow on premises sale of beer, wine and spirits at restaurants and hotels

    DC does allow license holders to pick up their kids on school property if they don't exit their cars.

    I think that map exaggerates the prohibited areas but that's just my opinion.

    YMMV. I will be getting my permit end of the month.
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