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Thread: Carrying while defending a Confederate monument a no-no.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Truth View Post
    My post was off-topic in regards to Pete Rose.
    I suspect you were looking thru opaque eyes, like many folks look thru those same eyes, regarding some of the slave owning Founders, or the supporters of slavery.. Our heroes are not perfect, whether in a game of sport, or the support of slavery, or the ownership thereof.. It falls on us, to decided what heroes are worthy, not just on a batting average, but how they treated their fellow human beings.

    Was Pete Rose a great hitter? Yes Indeed.. Was he a man of low character and morals? Again yes Indeed..

    Was Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Doctor Franklin, great ambassadors for liberty, rights and a great new Constitution for the future of America? Yes, Indeed they were.. And thank God, for them..

    Was Jefferson. Washington, Franklin, great human being's and respectful of the rights of other folks in 18th century America, NO they were not.
    Did they possess/own slaves and make a great living off the backs of their slaves,,,YES they did.. They were petty tyrants, plain and simple..

    We cannot simply acknowledge the greatness of our heroes, without recognizing their faults.. We cannot look at history thru opaque eyes..

    Read the history of our founders and signers, only Hamilton, Payne and John Adams, did not own slaves.. Only they should be in the hall of fame of 18th century America..

    Please be advised, any spelling or grammar mistakes are the product of my old age.

    My .02
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    We seem to be experiencing extreme thread drift here.

    Pete Rose and Ben Franklin have nothing to do with the OP.

    Back on track or earn the lock.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HeroHog View Post
    If you are ever in New Orleans you need to be aware of this:…/new_or…/c...of_ordinances…
    Sec. 54-342. - Illegal possession of weapons at demonstrations.
    (a) It shall be unlawful for any person, other than a law enforcement officer, to have in his possession or to have in any vehicle any weapon while participating in or attending a demonstration being held at a public place.
    (b) It shall be unlawful for any person, other than a law enforcement officer, to have in his possession or to have in any vehicle at a point within 1,000 feet of a demonstration at a public place any weapon after having first been advised by a law enforcement officer that a demonstration was taking place at a public place and after having been ordered by such officer to remove himself from the proscribed area until such time as he no longer is in possession of any weapon. This section shall not apply to any person in possession of any weapon in his private dwelling or place of business.
    (c) The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this section, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this subsection, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning:
    (1) Demonstration shall mean two or more persons assembled together for the purpose of picketing, speechmaking, marching, holding vigils, or other such form of conduct, which has the effect, intent or propensity to draw a crowd or onlookers.
    (2) Law enforcement officer shall mean any duly appointed and acting federal, state, or local peace officer and any military or militia personnel called out or directed by constituted authority to keep the law and order provided that the law enforcement officer is on duty and present to actively police and control the demonstration and who is assigned this duty by his department or agency.
    (3) Weapons shall mean any pistol, rifle, shotgun or other firearms of any kind whether loaded or unloaded, air rifle, air pistol, knife, hatchet, ax, slingshot, blackjack, metal knuckles, mace, iron buckle, baseball bat, ax handle, chains, crowbar, hammer or other club or bludgeon or any other instrumentality, customarily used or intended for probable use as a dangerous weapon.
    (Code 1956, § 42-56.1)
    It has existed since before preemption and IS enforceable!
    how is this even constitutional?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hammer6 View Post
    how is this even constitutional?
    A very good question, one which I can't answer.
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